You have probably found that a bathroom cabinet and sink combination is not the best vanity for the room if you have a small bathroom in your home. Although convenient for storage, the cabinets are simply taking up too much space. So the perfect choice for a small bathroom is a pedestal sink. If you […]

In your room, i am sure there is no other room is more used than the bathroom. When many people compile a renovation wish list, the bathroom is right at the top, it isn’t surprising. The bad news is bathroom is the room that most expensive room than other room to renovate. The national average […]

Bathrooms are the most important are that can reflect your personality. That’s maybe heard ridiculous, but that’s really true. In fact, if your bathroom is always clean and neat, that reflected you are the well – organized and hygienist person. Otherwise, if your bathroom is stinky and dirty, I swear that your guests not want […]