The Best Way To Learn Boat Handling

Written by : Admin 18 Aug 2021

Boating is an incredibly rewarding pastime, able to be enjoyed in solitude as well as among friends and family. However, in order to take advantage of this great hobby recreationally, you need to make sure that you have your skippers licence in Perth. Sea Safe Boat School offers a fantastic course that will help you learn […]

Should I Buy a New Car?

Written by : Admin 11 Feb 2021

We all know no car is immortal. Despite the regular maintenance and service, each car has a limit. If your car is too old to be true to drive on, why don’t opt for cash for cars Perth? If you think of buying a new car, stop first and consider whether it’s a correct decision […]

Digitalization is here to make our life easier in every aspect, including photography. However, there is a certain era that untouched by digitalization, like the old photograph that was taken by your grandfather using an instant camera. That’s one of the cues why you should start scanning photos and here are more of them. 1. Recollecting […]

How to organize old photos properly

Written by : Admin 26 Jan 2021

Chances that you have built a piling printed or framed photograph inside your drawers from a few years back are high, therefore, need a proper way to organize it so that they won’t be deteriorating due to the age or other factors. Pandemic has given us so much time to spend at home which is a perfect […]

6 Tips on Throwing Moroccan Dinner Party

Written by : Admin 25 Jan 2021

Moroccan cuisine is becoming quite a hit in Perth, especially with the young generation. The exotic taste of spices mixes paired with the healthiness and easy to cook makes the Moroccan dishes the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Additionally, its unique culture often followed by today’s artisan or creative people and blend […]

Rescue and Revive Your Old Photograph

Written by : Admin 13 Nov 2020

When we are older enough to understand how life works, looking at the memories preserved in the old pictures can bring joys and sometimes tears of longing the precious moment. It could be the precious childhood memories with our late granny that we love to keep and pass down to the next generation. But the […]

There are many reasons to love acrylic. It is the material of choice for many due to its durability and versatility. Laser cutting acrylic sheet can result in a smoother, more polished look when compared to machine cutting. This allows for a more sophisticated and cleaner style and delicate or complicated shapes can be completed […]

Why You Need Hair Extensions!

Written by : Admin 16 Jan 2020

It seems that everyone has hair extensions nowadays. Almost all of the celebrities have been rocking them for quite some time and so isn’t it time you got on the bandwagon too? Human hair extensions in Perth are very popular and with good reason. However if you are unsure as to whether hair extensions are […]