Pedestal Sink Ideas for a Small Bathroom Vanity

You have probably found that a bathroom cabinet and sink combination is not the best vanity for the room if you have a small bathroom in your home. Although convenient for storage, the cabinets are simply taking up too much space. So the perfect choice for a small bathroom is a pedestal sink. If you are looking to select a slender, sleek and stylish sink for your small bathroom, some pedestal ideas for a small bathroom vanity can help you so much. You only have to match the kinds of pedestal sink with your small bathroom and suited-well with your budget. If you are confuse to choose what type of pedestal sinks that matched-well with your small bathroom, try to browse on the web the type of pedestal sink below then imagine if it is in your bathroom.

Flat-Top Pedestal with Bowl

A flat-top pedestal sink would be one idea for a small bathroom pedestal sinks. A slender base that rises into a flat tray is the characteristic of this pedestal sink. In the center of the tray, a regular bowl that looks like a large salad bowl is seated. The whole ensemble is very compact, stylish and modern. If you have a small bathroom, I am sure you would have no trouble fitting it.

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Corner Pedestal Sink

Another type of pedestal sink for the small bathroom is the corner pedestal sink. This sink is simply a basin that attaches to the wall and has no base to speak of. It is by no means simplistic although it is simple. Comes in different models and shapes, some of the basin’s models are basic and others have elaborate decorative designs. Create whatever atmosphere you would like to have in your small bathroom by the choice of handles and faucets for the sink.

Iron-Frame Pedestal Sink

Exactly what the name implies, the iron-frame pedestal sink’s base is made of iron, almost looks like round iron shelving adorned with a sink on top. In fact, this type of pedestal sink with two glass shelves installed within the base is available on market; you can purchase this package directly. Like a fondue pot, the sink sits on top of the frame and the iron holdings at the top hold the basin in place. To go with it, select an iron handles and faucet. This sink give you more space in your small bathroom by it does easily replace a bulky box vanity.

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Pedestal All-in-One Sink

Select a pedestal sink in which the sink and the pedestal itself are all one piece. Actually, the base is the sink itself. The pedestal sits against the wall and has an hourglass shape. The handles and faucet are installed on the wall rather than on the sink.

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If you are looking for a very stylish pedestal design that may be just what you need to make your small bathroom stand apart from other small bathrooms is a pedestal all-in-one sink. The tile in your bathroom should be matched well with a pedestal color selection.