Nowadays, bathrooms are not only a functional space. It can offer relaxation and comfortable to release stress. This place also called as pampered place. Because, bathroom can maintain homeowner’s needs. Finish your bathroom with functional vanity, flooring and ceiling to support the appearance of your bathroom. Shower is the one of bathroom vanity. It […]

There are so many ideas that can be poured to your bathroom improvement project, like you can choose whether you want to use shower or bathtub or even both of them to be installed in your renovated bathroom. If you choose to install the shower only, there will be many personal designs tailored so your […]

  You will enjoy the many benefits of your new large shower when the bathroom is complete, but remodeling or designing your dream bathroom can be a huge undertaking. Large and luxurious with all of the comforts of a spa is the latest trend in bathrooms, particularly master bathrooms. A relaxing space where you can […]

Some homeowners have regretted their decisions in selecting the floors for their bathrooms because the kinds of floors they chose are not suitable for the bathrooms and the wrong decision and selection can lead the homeowners into the problem, like slippery accident because the wet condition of the bathrooms. If you are one of these […]

Bathroom is the most important place in the entire house. In the old day, some people describe bathroom as a little box that use to take a bath or urination. But, nowadays they realize that bathroom is more important than a little box. It can be place for release stress during work on the day. […]