DIY Bathroom Renovation Tips

In your room, i am sure there is no other room is more used than the bathroom. When many people compile a renovation wish list, the bathroom is right at the top, it isn’t surprising. The bad news is bathroom is the room that most expensive room than other room to renovate. The national average cost for renovation a bathroom is $9150, according to The bathroom renovation can increase your property values, it’s the good news. Do it yourself is one way to save money on bathroom renovations.

Small Bathrooms

A special challenge to homeowners could be posed by a small bathroom. To make the bathroom feel less cramped, you do not need to go through the hassle of knocking down walls and moving pipes. Find the smaller ones then simply replace your fixtures. Large mirrors will make the room feel larger and brighter, so when you are placing large mirror in your small bathroom, it will create the illusion of space. To make more of the room visible, you can simply enclose your shower in glass. Avoid making the room feel cluttered by filling counters with accessories and knickknacks.


Two Great, DIY, Small Bathroom Renovations

Prepare the materials for your project and shop around. If needed, create a list of materials and tools needed. You should still select the model and price range you want to include in your bathroom if you are not installing the materials on your own. Choose relaxing, spa-inspired colors like soft green and baby blues for a bathroom sanctuary. To apply makeup or shave, the lighting should be bright enough but able to be dimmed for a relaxing soak in the tub.


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More inviting bathroom and looks open could be happened by lighting a bathroom well. While skylights can flood the room with natural light, recessed lighting over the vanity mirror can help illuminate the workspace. Lamps your small bathroom with narrow bases and shades in colors that coordinate with towels and curtain that can be tucked unobvious into the corners of counter tops for a warm and cozy look bathroom renovation.


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A seem-larger bathroom could be made by lighter colored paint and flooring. Large prints on the wall or area rugs in lighter colors and mirrors can help lighten things up. Match the colors with the decoration of your bathroom should be considered to make perfect bathroom renovation.


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Accessories such as towel racks, laundry hamper, wastebasket, soap dishes, towels and towels bars can make or break your bathroom, the placement or adding more storage to these things should have taken into consideration. Furniture is a nice touch if you have the room and would make it as spa bathroom. A chair or lounger is a nice place to calm mood you have created and relax or enjoy the serenity. Your bathroom wouldn’t complete if you are not including plants inside. This is the perfect place to add a little greenery if you have sunlight in your bathroom.