Should I Buy a New Car?

We all know no car is immortal. Despite the regular maintenance and service, each car has a limit. If your car is too old to be true to drive on, why don’t opt for cash for cars Perth?

If you think of buying a new car, stop first and consider whether it’s a correct decision for you or just an emotional call. A new one is not always the best one for you, though it must be exciting for searching for your perfect dream car.

Let’s have a look at several things you should consider before giving up your old one for cash for cars Perth and purchase a new one. Spare your time to calculate every single thing then you can pick up the best decision: should I get a new car or keep using the old one?

First and Foremost: Your Safety

Don’t trade your safety by driving an old broken car. It’s not a matter of price if you can get a piece of mind by getting a new car. However, if the current car still works well and under regular maintenance, so you have no safety issue to worry about.

Remember, the performance and safety of an old car is lower than a brand new car. Please be more careful while driving in an old car especially when you have passengers inside. Make sure to think ahead before making a decision, what works better for you and your family. Your family safety is in your hand.

Calculate and Plan Ahead

Have you calculated the pros and cons of between repairs and purchase for a new car? These questions below will help you to discover whether your old car is financially worth keeping.

How much is the value of your car?

If you own a 10-year-old car, the value may be somewhere considerable. Meanwhile, if it is more than 20 years, it is probably around $2,000 or less.

How much will you spend on a new car?

A repayment plan for a relatively cheap car may only cost you about a few hundred dollars monthly. It may charge you less than a repair. However, the insurance and registration cost for a new car is more expensive, consider this.

How much will the repair cost you?

Check your car’s market value and compare it with the repair cost. If the repair cost is half of the car’s value, go ahead repair your car. However, if the case is otherwise, it’s better not to keep the car.

Does the repair keep your car going for a long time?

If the repair can keep your car going for years from now, you can count on it.

How much is your budget?

Are you struggling to pay the car’s expensive repair at the moment? Then your budget may go under the same condition for the monthly car repayments.

Let’s Get Personal

Do you have a plan to hand down your car to your kids?

If yes, your old car needs some replacement for water belt or fan belt or the timing belt.

Do you really need this car to last longer?

You may have to run another need or plan which require you much money. Or you may need to invest in something more urgent and essential. Then it is worth to keep the car and pay the repairs to make it works for a few years.

Do you love your car that much?

Maybe it was your first car that you get from saving up for a few years or a present from your parents. Buying a new one may feel like a betrayal on your old buddy. Those sentimental feelings are undeniable, but make sure to calculate the risk and save your pocket from bankruptcy.

Cash for Cars near Me

So, is your car still worth keeping? If so, it’s good news for you. But if it’s not, you can send it for cash for cars Perth. Contact reliable cash for car recycler to estimate how much your car worth, thus you can save more to get a new one.