6 mistakes to avoid while decorating home

Decorating a home is a passion for some. Whereas for others it comes as part of their duty to keep the home well maintained. Decorating home is not a daunting task if you are creative and has interest in it. But figuring out and avoiding decorating mistakes is something which is beyond the normal thinking pattern of a common man. For all those who are in the process of decorating their home and who intend to do so in future here are few mistakes that should be avoided.

Expenditure or budget: This forms the basis for all our planning but at the end of the day this is one area we are most likely not to keep up with. Yes, thanks to the innumerable home decor products available at attractive rates in both online and offline stores people are at a loss as to where to begin and where to end. And ultimately they are likely to overshoot their budget. Hence at each and every point in the decorating phase, one should have a clear understanding of where one stand in relation to budget.

Cluttered look: Over spending can lead to over purchase which finally leads to over cluttering of the house. A cluttered and over crowded room creates an ugly and untidy feel rather than a beautiful and elegant look. Hence make sure that one do not yield to temptation and buy whatever good or bad they come across. Before making a purchase, decide whether the item is really required in the house and if so where and how it will be used.

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Choosing furniture: Certain factors like theme of decor of the room, size of the room etc are to be considered before purchasing furniture for the home. It is not uncommon to see richly adored Victorian style furniture cramped up in a small room or a rustic style furniture in a traditional setting; which should be avoided at all cost. The size, shape and requirements of the room, color of the walls and built in accessories etc are to be considered before zeroing in on a furniture piece.


Choosing rug: The most commonly used type of rugs in homes is area rugs that cover a certain portion of the floor. It is not uncommon to see area rugs being used as floating rugs in houses. If it is so make sure that the rug is connected from furniture to furniture or from wall to wall.

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Bedroom decor: While decorating bedroom people tend to ignore head of the bed which is the focal point of decor. If the bed does not have a headboard get one installed or go in for an artificial one in the form of painting or wall decals. There are innumerable online shops that sell designer headboard or rather provide design ideas for headboard.


Avoid one stop shopping: Due to lack of time and taking into consideration the convenience factor, people normally do their furniture and home decor shopping from a single place. Even though this has advantages like availing discounts and gifts on bulk purchase, people are left with a limited choice. Hence it is better to avoid one stop shop and buy furniture and accessories from different shops. This is no more a daunting task thanks to the innumerable online shopping portals. There are even sites that provide a comparative list of furniture from different brands.
Above all these, decorating your home without seeking professional help can be the biggest mistake. It is true that hiring an interior decorator can be a costly affair. But it is nothing when compared to the end result that you obtain.

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