Creating an Inviting Guest Room

If you want your guests to feel comfortable and especially if you want them to return you need to provide the perfect environment and decor to make them welcome. When planning upon a guest room start by thinking about what would you expect when you go on a visit, think of 5 start hotels to aim for the best. Of course you may not be able to provide the same as any hotel with TV screens or expensive and large canvas prints or a Jacuzzi, you must always remain in budget, but the bigger aim will result in the best you can provide.

•    Bed and Comfort

Creating an Inviting Guest Room Guest Room

The guest shouldn’t be the oldest unused bed lying around in the house but to create an impression you need to provide your guests with the best and only a good bed will be able to do that. If you cannot afford a classic style bed purchase a normal one to suit the room and maybe change the headboard with something classy such as upholster it or add a large canvas picture for DIY headboard, but definitely add in a quality mattress. Air mattresses, spring mattress or any best quality foam is the way to go for a good night sleep.
Furthermore the experience can be enhanced by upgrading the bed using pillows and linen while bed throws or bed scarves will add in the final touch. Go for a low thread count and maybe some embroidery on the linens, make sure they are always freshly cleaned and ironed. Three pillows will work at max with at least one set being decorative, different materials or plush fabric can be used for the pillows or bed throw to add in textures.

•    Equip using Tables

How to Create an Inviting Guest Room

Guests come along with suitcases mostly always, if not there are always bags that need to be places somewhere and a table is best option since its a pain to stoop down to access items. This table can also be used as a decorative item by being creative with its style or colours. Since you are purchasing a table it is best if it’s equipped with drawers to provide extra storage. Furthermore tables can be used as a place to set down tea trays, or desk lamps, they are always a must have for a cosy room.

•    Clear Out the Room

Think about going as a guest somewhere and opening the cupboard to hang your presentation suit only to find out it’s already filled with clothes on top there are no extra hangers. Think about your guest’s needs and even though there is extra space, don’t use the room as an extra storage area, leave the space empty for the comfort of your guests whether they require it or not. Leave the closets and drawers empty, ready for use and leave in some empty hangers.

•    Containers and Vases

Putting Together an Inviting Guest Room SofasAndSectionals Blog

How unusual yet creative would it look if all the pots and containers and vases in your room are not actually store bought containers? Here you can easily follow some DIY techniques by gathering old glass bottles or plastic cans and painting over them brightly or covering up with colourful wrapping sheets, they can even be left in their natural state if the colour coordinates with your room. A neat table will look definitely retro with flowers popping out of a tall bottle and short can. Your trays etc. also don’t have to the common types, invest in bold prints!

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Author is an interior decor artist working for hotels around the world, he also writes articles on creating your own cheap photos on canvas and adding to the decor of the house.