Best Area Rugs for your Space that Suits Your Home

Best Area Rugs for your Space that Suits Your Home

After working hard on decorating your house with flooring and furniture, it is now time to think about rugs to give the final touch. Rugs not only beautify the room but they also provide cushion, warmth and smoothness to your feet on hard tiled or concrete flooring. Just like pictures and painting come alive when framed, rooms get the same effect when decorated with rugs. In some rooms one may use wall-to-wall rugs but in some areas where room size rug is not required, finding the best rug that adds to the charm of the room can be a daunting task.

As far as color and designs are concerned, there is a wide range of rugs and you can choose one according to the décor of the room. The thumb rule is that the rug’s color must match with the wall color and paintings in the room. You can call them as magic carpets that have the power to change your room into a mini heaven. Here are some tips that may help you in selecting rugs according to your life style and that can fit into your budget:Choose the Right Material

The material of rugs can differ from pure wool to synthetic nylon and polypropylene. Apart from woolen rugs, synthetic rugs are easy to maintain and come at affordable prices. Rugs made with polypropylene wear off with time but nylon rugs stay longer and their color also does not fade away. They are considered as superior quality rugs and do not collect dust. Cotton rugs are also there and come at lower prices but they get stained easily and they wear off quickly. Those, who want to go eco-friendly, can choose rugs made of jute, bamboo and sisal. The advantage of these rugs is that water is easily drained out and they are best for outdoor use. However they should be avoided in the areas that are continuously in use as they are not easy to clean. Although expensive, woolen rugs are the best for long run as they do not flatten easily and are stain resistant. They have the ability to stay for decades and just need regular vacuuming to clean.

Quality Area Rugs

Quality Area Rugs


It is obvious that hand-knotted rugs are costly but then they are thought to be good investment. They are durable, have the ability to survive for generations and are made only after checking the finest details. The technique of hand-knotted rugs came from Persia and being very expensive, this technique is applied only contemporary rugs. Knots are the base of weaving carpets, so they matter a lot. Knots per-square-inch, are the main part on which the quality of a rug depends. The number of knots per-square-inch makes a rug expensive and durable. Some rugs are sold with the label handmade which needs to be checked. A rug can be called handmade only if the other side of the rug shows the same pattern as the pattern on front. A RugMark label on the rug means it does not support child labor.

Area Rugs


The size of the rug also matters when it comes to making your room more beautiful. Too big a rug will look like a wall-to-wall carpet while too small a rug will fail to draw the attention. Thickness of the rug should also be checked to match the comfort level of the purchaser. In the bedroom, three feet rug on both sides of the bed is quite enough for a soft feeling under feet. For the dining room, the rug should be six to seven inches bigger than the area of the chair and for the living room, the personal choice of the homeowner should rule. Furniture kept half on the floor and half on the rug looks casual but if the entire furniture is placed on the rug it surely gives a formal look.

Hallway Rug


Pricing: The prices of the rugs differ according to their quality. From $10,000 Persian carpets to the lowest, there are a number of options to choose from. A synthetic rug of 5”x8” may cost you $100 while a cotton rug of the same size can be acquired only for $50. Plant based rugs start from $100 but the price of a woolen rug can be as high as that of a Persian rug. A woolen rug of 5”x8” starts from $300 while a machine-made Persian rug of the same size is available for $200.

Quality rugs give long lasting effect to the décor of your house. So before buying rugs for your home, keep all these point in your mind for a better deal.

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