Household Waste Management: 6 Best Methods You Should Try

Waste management has become an urgent issue over nations. As the population increased every year, waste is an undeniable issue we all need to face. The accumulation of waste we produced has massively increased without a proper waste disposal system. That is why the existence of recycling centre Perth is needed.

In 2018-19, Australia generated 76 million tonnes of waste (increased 10% from last year). The household sector holds an essential role in the waste amount increase, as it is the third sector most generating waste. The household donated 12.4 million tonnes of waste, 16.3% of the total waste in 2018-19.

Aside from relying on recycling centre Perth, we can start at home and with our daily life. Read on below to get tips about household waste management.

Purchase Food with Minimal Packaging

  • Pick and buy food that comes with less packaging.
  • Shops at the bulk buy section in the grocery store.
  • Choose the food with recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging.
  • Choose the reusable product.

There is a lot of food and other essentials you can purchase without using plastic packaging and buy in bulk.

Compost Your Organic Waste

Irresponsibly disposing of food waste will cause a problem later when it ends up in the landfill. Food scraps in landfills will release methane gas, which is 28 times more potent if you compare to carbon dioxide.

Composting your food scraps or other organic wastes is environmental friendly waste management you can try home. By investing in a proper composting bin, you can produce rich compost for your garden. It will help you to reduce kitchen waste. Save the environment while also creating free and nourishing food for your garden.

Less Plastic is Better

Plastic waste is non-biodegradable, which makes it hard to manage. Producing plastic products from virgin materials will create and add more non-biodegradable waste though it’s possible to recycle plastic. It is better to carry your non-plastic shopping bag whenever you go shopping. If it is possible, use a glass container instead of plastic items. Glass is a healthier option to store your food rather than a plastic one.

Opt for Cashless Payment

Whenever you are shopping or purchasing something, you can ask the cashier not to print your bills. Instead, you can ask them to send the soft copy to your email. Also, you can pay without cash. There’s a lot of e-money app you can trust and choose to facilitate your transaction. It will cut down the paper waste and save the earth.

Donate Unused Items

If you have unused stuff at home, don’t be a hoarder; donate it. You can give it away to people who need it if the condition is proper and still usable. There are several places or organization that will willingly take your stuff, such as orphanages, shelters and schools. They receive donations for particular items like pencil, books, shoes, clothing, blanket and other stuff. Finally, you can manage your house more efficient by donating the unused stuff.

Create Your Natural Soap and Detergent

Detergent and soap are essentials that we constantly purchase, which usually come with non-environmentally friendly packaging. If you have many free times on the weekend, try to spend it a bit to make a home-made soap and detergent.

You can easily find the tutorials on the internet then get the materials from the nearby grocery, chemical store or even your kitchen. You can even make your bathroom cleaners, liquid hand soap that is eco-friendly and gentle to your skin. Thus, by practising this, you will reduce the amount of plastic packaging and plastic waste.

Recycling and Waste Management Near Me

Aside from those tips above, there are more ways of waste management you can try. It is either at home or practises in your daily life. One primary thing you should always remember is separating the waste by its type. Thus, you can send it to the recycling centre Perth nearby to manage your household waste in a responsible manner.