Why We Need New Solutions for Waste Management

With the world’s population growing and more waste being produced than ever, environmental solutions for waste management in Perth is essential. With the threat of global warming looming over our heads and pollution continuing to damage our planet, the time for action is now. In fact, it is increasingly important that companies come up with waste handling solutions that will allow us to dispose of our waste in a more eco-friendly manner.

How commercial waste going to landfill destroys the environment

Every year, millions of tonnes of both household and commercial waste go to landfill and continue to wreak havoc on the environment. These waste streams place an enormous burden on landfills and can have disastrous effects. Here are some of the things that actively harm the environment.


Many waste streams contain substances that are toxic, and these can leak over time, infecting many facets of the environment from soil to groundwater. This can cause hazardous damage and lasts for many years. Electronic waste is one type of waste that contains a large assortment of toxins including substances like lead, acid, arsenic and mercury.


All waste decomposes in landfills and when inevitably water will filter through and will result in the formation of a highly toxic liquid called leachate. This substance can then cause major pollution, usually in groundwater or waterways but also in the soil.

Greenhouse gasses

Everyone knows the enormous environmental problems caused by greenhouse gasses. However, many people don’t realise that waste can be a huge contributor, particularly green waste. When green waste is taken to landfill it is usually compacted and the oxygen is removed. The plant matter then begins to break down and releases a chunk of methane which is a gas that is about 21 times more potent than the leading greenhouse gas, CO2. This not only makes things worse for the planet in the long run, but it is also highly flammable and can make the surroundings particularly dangerous if it is too concentrated.

 Companies Leading Innovation in Waste Management Solutions

The most popular methods of waste removal are far from ideal. Sending waste to landfill or burning it can poison our ecosystem and damage our environment irreparably. Luckily, there are companies that realize the issues and are coming up with innovative environmental solutions for waste management in Perth. ECO Resources is one of these companies. They are passionate about environmental stewardship and are committed to providing effective waste services in Perth that prioritize recycling and waste management. They are at the forefront of the development of innovative waste handling solutions that are commercially viable and will contribute to the betterment of local communities and industries.

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