Hell’s Kitchen Newark

Eating at home is definitely a great activity that can tighten the bond of the family. However, it does not mean that eating outside will not be able to strengthen your family bond as well. in fact, dining out sometimes can give the family merrier mood and special feeling. There have been infinite names of restaurants and cafes you can visit to do this special event, including the Hell s Kitchen Newark in New Jersey.

Dining out is definitely a special event where you are not supposed to get different foods and beverages compared to the ones at home but also different atmosphere and theme as well. For those who are tired and bored with restaurants and cafes in simple and plain theme of home and tenderness, you definitely need something that is bolder and more eclectic, just like the theme and mood offered by the Hell s Kitchen. In this extra ordinary restaurant you will definitely not only get a long menu of tasty foods and beverages but also fun and energizing hospitality as well.

Hell’s Kitchen Lounge Newark NJ Restaurant Bar


About Hell s Kitchen Lounge

The slogan of Hell s Kitchen Newark Lounge in New Jersey is Damn fine foods, wicked drinks and a hell of a good time. It means that by coming to their restaurant or kitchen lounge you will definitely be able to live your life to its fullest through their delicious dishes, amazing recipes of beverages and also eclectic and fun mood and services. Even though this kitchen lounge or restaurant was built not long ago in 2007 but the popularity has surely been rocketed until today. Probably it is highly triggered by the unique and extra ordinary concept of the restaurant’s theme but it is undeniably because of the tasty foods as well, for sure.

Hell’s Kitchen Lounge


The main theme decoration of this Hell s Kitchen Lounge is its unique and sexy bar seats with tiger skin pattern, elegant gold color combine with vibrant red color. This type of decorating theme will definitely remind us to the typical decorating theme of Lounge style in Las Vegas in 1950 era. In simpler words, this Hell s Kitchen Lounge is rich in the sense of traditional pub and gracious dining place, perfect for those who are looking for unusual place with unique vibe to dine in.

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If you are planning to visit Hell s Kitchen Newark restaurant in the future, be sure you know the opening hours and also the menu first so you will not come just for a waste of time. Practically, the Hell s Kitchen Lounge in Newark, New Jersey, opens from Sunday to Saturday but the specialties will vary from one day to another. On Thursday to Saturday, the Hells Kitchen Lounge will open from eleven in the morning to three in the morning. Meanwhile, on Monday to Wednesday the kitchen lounge will only open until two in the morning with the same opening time. The menu of this kitchen lounge is mainly about cakes, cupcakes, country style grits, seasonal vegetables, frozen drinks and also cocktails.

Hell’s Kitchen Lounge Newark NJ