Inexpensive Kitchen Countertops Fixes

A wide variety of materials can be built for kitchen countertops. But some materials are more expensive than other, for example, marble and granite cost more than wood and laminate. Depend on your needs, no matter what type the materials, inexpensive materials could be always perfect for your kitchen. In your price range, you can find beautiful and durable countertops.

A kitchen renovation can be very expensive though many people desire an attractive kitchen. But there are a few quick fixes that can inexpensively renew the look of your countertops although a kitchen renovation can be a costly project. Affordable ways to spruce up a kitchen are includes painting over tile or laminate, adhering inexpensive plywood to existing countertops or tiling over laminate countertops.

Paint over Laminate Countertops

Inexpensive Kitchen Counter Tops

A smooth, easy-to-paint surface is provided by laminate countertops in your kitchen. To remove any sheen, you can use 120-grit sandpaper then lightly sand the surface. Use trisodium phosphate to washing the laminate then rinse to remove the TSP; trisodium phosphate can be found in home improvement stores and also known as TSP. Apply melamine paint using a high-density foam roller for the best results once the surface is dry. For the best coverage, applying three thin coats should be considered. Drying time should be referred to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tile over Laminate Countertops

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The sink and faucet from countertop should be removed before you use an orbital or palm sander and 50-grit sandpaper for well-sanding. For better adhesion, you might want to rough up the surface, but do not gouge or damage the laminate. Your tile placement should be planned well. Use a latex modified thin set adhesive applied with a trowel for thin even coat then begin tiling from the sink. To maintain equal distance between tiles, simply use spacers once you have placed tiles down. This inexpensive kitchen countertop fixes require you to following the manufacturer’s instructions after tiling apply grout.

Paint Tile Countertops

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By sanding thoroughly, prepare a tile countertop for painting. The paint will adhere properly if you create a rough surface. Found in home improvement stores and designed for difficult-to-paint surfaces, apply a super-adherent primer once it sanded. For the best results, apply two coats of oil paint when it dries. To allow the paint to dry thoroughly and cure properly, you need to avoid using the painted tile for a week.

Adhere Plywood to Existing Countertops

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Clean the counter thoroughly and remove your sink. Use high grab construction adhesive for paneling, affix a sheet of ¼-inch plywood then cut to the size of your existing countertops. Roll the surface (a rolling pin works) then weigh it down with piles of books or something heavy. With solid wood, you can trim the edges, take a silicone and fill the seams, apply satin urethane or acrylic varnish after the silicone around sink has applied. Make sure the additional ¼ inch of height could be accommodated by the pipes beneath your sink.