Your garage doors suddenly stopped working? Here are the reasons

It’s really annoying when you encountered a situation where your dependable garage doors suddenly stopped working due to unknown reasons. Not only it could hinder your daily routine but also could cause severe issues if it left un-fixed. While you are eager to call a professional garage door repairman to do an immediate reparation but you need to understand the cause and reasons for such a situation could occur. 

Remote and wall switch are not working properly

Often overlooked the cause that the garage doors suddenly stopped working could be that the remote battery is dead or the wall switch power is not properly connected. Therefore, your first cue when this situation occurs quickly check the remote if it’s still emitting light when the key pressed and switch on the wall switch then look for any sign of movement on the garage door motors. As soon as the battery replaced or the wall switch power cable connected properly the doors will operate normally.

Garage doors not fully closed

In this situation, there are a few pointers that you can check to understand more about the issue:

  1. Is the close limit switch adjust properly?
  2. What is the condition of the safety sensors?
  3. What is the condition of the rollers?

If one of the mentioned above is not running properly it could cause the doors won’t close entirely because the sequence of the closing mechanism is not complete causing the system to hold the operation halfway.

Garage doors suddenly reverse halfway on the closing sequence

There’s a situation when the garage doors in closing sequence suddenly reverse to the opening sequence and then stuck somewhere halfway, this can be traced back to its close force setting and the condition of the rollers. The friction created by the rusted rollers could fool the doors closing mechanism into thinking that the doors have reached the floor, therefore, stopped the closing sequence or sometimes reverse it to the opening sequence halfway. While for the close force setting, you need to understand the manual operation of the garage door opener before adjusting it.

Garage door won’t start the closing sequence

This is the situation where you need the service of garage door repairs ASAP because there are numbers of potential dangers that could harm the doors, garage and even everyone living inside the house. When you pressed the remote and see the LED light up but no sign of movement from the garage door opener or any other parts of the doors, this could be due to many reasons:

  1. The garage door opener malfunction
  2. The garage door cable broken
  3. The garage door drum broken
  4. The door panels stuck on the ceiling
  5. The rollers off track

Therefore, contact your reliable local garage door repairs to fix it ASAP. 


Some of the issues mentioned above are visible to see even though you are not an expert in garage door reparation but still need professional help to fix it and make the doors work properly as it used to be. You can always prevent those situations by regularly servicing the doors by opting the reliable garage door service Perth on your region. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.