Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are usually use to food preparation. Sometimes, kitchens are use as diner room. So, it is the important place that often visits with your family or friends. Moreover, if you love cook and spend your plenty time on this kitchen, you maybe believe that kitchen is your second home.

The appearance of your kitchen can also add value to your house. Whether you are go into new home, or just want to renovations your kitchen, kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your home. Some people also said that kitchen cabinets are the heart of kitchen. Without cabinets and countertops, kitchen will appear lifeless and empty.
Kitchen cabinets have many advantages for your kitchen. It is can help your kitchen to function well, provides extra storage place, and can easier the food preparation. When people enter your kitchen, cabinets are the first vanity they see. Kitchen cabinets are the foundation of sinks and counters.

Wall Cabinets, Installing Wall Cabinets in a Kitchen

So, installing kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen more efficiently. Before you hire a professional contractor, just think about do it by yourself. Installing kitchen cabinets can be simple and easy than you think. Look at the steps below, and following all of tips and information.


How to Install Wall Cabinets

Before you installing kitchen cabinets, make sure you have done to choose the right size, shape design and color of your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are available in various shape, size, material, color and design. Choosing the right one will be overwhelming because it available in wide range of variation.

It is important to measure the space of your kitchen. Measurement is purpose to figure out the space you have, and can help you to decide the right size of cabinets.

Keep in your mind the style and design of your kitchen. Contemporary kitchen have different style and design with traditional kitchen.


How to Hang Wall Cabinets

The important aspect of installing kitchen cabinets is considering the right position. Use pencil to mark the position where kitchen cabinets are to be installed. Make sure the position and level of the cabinet is easily to reach and not blocking traffic area.

Installing Wall Kitchen Cabinets

Use measuring tape, pencil and level to mark the position where wall kitchen cabinets are to be hanged. Make sure you measured from the floor when locate the proper position.

On the wall, you should search for the studs. When located each stud, use the stud finder to help you.

Prepare a temporary supporting bar that fit with a length of wall cabinet. The first thing you must to do when installing wall kitchen cabinets is attached a temporary supporting bar on the wall. Before attach it, on cabinet’s bottom edge, attached rail’s upper frame parallel. Use screws to help you attached a support to the wall.

Place several single cabinets on a horizontal surface and combine them with the rail and support.

Installing base kitchen cabinets

How Do You Install Cabinets

Always measure the spaces where base cabinets are to be installed. Mark the proper position with a pencil.

On the floor’s higher point, use shims to level the end or corner cabinets.

Clamp cabinets together in a corner. Allow clearance for drawers and doors with added a filler strip.

Make sure you drill the screws into the studs. Use putty knife or chisel to trim excess material.

For the finishing, attach pulls and doors. And then insert drawers and shelves