How to Install a Shower Pans


Nowadays, bathrooms are not only a functional space. It can offer relaxation and comfortable to release stress. This place also called as pampered place. Because, bathroom can maintain homeowner’s needs.

Finish your bathroom with functional vanity, flooring and ceiling to support the appearance of your bathroom. Shower is the one of bathroom vanity. It is usually use to take a bath. To collects water when take a bath, you should install a shower pan. Shower pan can collect water that cannot make the floor wet.

But, shower pans are need to replacing when it comes to dull and worn. Mostly, handy person like a contractor can be installing a shower pan. But, homeowners can also do it, if they have some experience about basic tools and working with plumbing. Shower pan must correctly place over the drain, so the water can get out through the plumb. Follow these simple tips about how to install a shower pans. Check this out!

Before Install a Shower Pans

Shower Pan Repair, How to install a shower pan

With wide range of sizes, materials and shapes of shower pans, be sure you choose a good warranty and slip resistance shower pan. Take a note to search the easy to clean and durable shower pan.

Measurement is important. Make sure you choose the proper size of shower pan. The floor must in perfectly level when it comes to install a shower pan.

How to Install a Shower Pans

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  1. Shower Pan Test – Fit. Before installing the shower pan, do test – fit on the place where you want to position it. Make sure the drain in the floor fits with the pan’s drain opening.
  2. Make sure the subfloor in the perfectly level. Create a smooth surface on the floor with use structural foam, leveling compound and pester. Allow it to dry in overnight. Repeat this step until you get the level of subfloor you need.
  3. The next step is attaching the flange in the drain pipe. Attach flange and drain pipe in the floor with apply cement and primer. To connect the bottom of the shower pan and drain flange, place the gaskets between they.

How to Install a Fiberglass Shower Base

  1. Build the first base layer in the place where shower pan is installed. Spread the mortar and let it fully dry. Under the shower pan, apply a shower pan membrane liner. Lay a membrane liner on top of mortar, if it fully dry. And then, the top of liner, lay mortar to create another layer.
  2. Place the shower pan into the place. Make sure you fit the shower pan with the drain. If the shower pan is not perfectly secure, it can leak through because moisture.
  3. Use soapy water when install the drain assembly. And then screw the drain cover that came with the assembly into the shower pan.

How to build a shower – Building a shower pan with pre-sloped

If you have done to install a shower pan, it is time to install the walls for your . You always can do it yourself, read manufacturer’s installation instructions when it comes to replace and install a shower pan and walls on your bathroom.