How to Decorate Bathrooms with Towel Bars

Bathrooms are the most important are that can reflect your personality. That’s maybe heard ridiculous, but that’s really true. In fact, if your bathroom is always clean and neat, that reflected you are the well – organized and hygienist person. Otherwise, if your bathroom is stinky and dirty, I swear that your guests not want to use it anymore!

So, always keep your bathroom in clean and fragrant. Bathrooms also have themes and styles. You can decorate it in every style you want. Whether it has contemporary, traditionally or other styles, you must to consider the color scheme, tiles, ceiling, vanities, and accessories.

The most accessories for decorate bathrooms is a mirror. Mirror can give illusion effect of more space. So, it is the secret weapon in a small bathroom. Besides the mirror as accessories on bathroom, the one of the most important accessories is towel bars. Some homeowners maybe forgot it when finish their bathroom. But, towel bars are really important! Just imagine that you take a bath and haven’t place to put your towel. That is bad!

Towel Rack for Bathroom

The advantages of bathroom bars are it is very versatile. It can decorate your bathroom, but also have function to hang your towel. In a day, many homeowners realized that towel bars are really important. Moreover, they are installing at least one or two towel bars. Generally, more towel bars are better. Place it on the sides of your shower and on the sink to hang handy towels.

When it comes to decorate your bathroom with towel bars, you must to consider some important things before install it. So, learn more about it with the information and tips below. Check this out!

Towel Bars for Bathroom: Sizes

Towel Bars for Bathrooms

The sizes of towel bars are depend on the function of it. If it used for hang bath towel, large towel bars will good on it. And, for the handy towel on the sink vanity, choose small towel bars or rings.

Towel Bars for Bathrooms: Materials

Towel bars are made in many materials. It is usually made from wood, plastic or steel. Wooden towel bars must to coat with waterproof paint or varnish. It can prevent it from water and humid damage. To get more modern and contemporary look, install steel towel bars.

Towel Bars for Bathroom: Colors

Decorative Bathroom Towels

What your color scheme on bathroom? Match your color scheme with the color of towel bars. You always can re-paint it. Wooden towel bars look better with the wood color. But, you can paint it, if you want. For examples, colorful towel bars can decorate your child bathroom.

Towel Bars for Bathroom: Placing

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Normally, towel bars are placed near on your shower. The purpose is you can reach a towel easily when you are taking a bath. Towel bars can also placed on the sink vanity to hang handy towels.

Towel bars are really perfect accessories to decorate your bathroom. To make it more eye-catching, choose the different colors and patterns of your towels and hang they on your towel bars. This is the simple and smart things to decorate your