How Much Does Gyprock Installation Cost?

We can assume that you are reading this article because your’e most likely wanting to obtain some Gyprock® plasterboard work carried out in your home. Like lots of Australian house owners, you’re most likely leaning towards Gyprockas the best material to repair plaster ceiling. So naturally, you will be wondering exactly how much does Gyprockcost?

So how much does it cost to replace a ceiling? Well there are a lot of factors that can impact the rates of your Gyprockjob; from what area requires to be glued to whether you’re utilising Gyprockfor cornices, ceilings and also soundproofing as well. Below are some quick tips to help give you a rough idea of how much you can expect to spend to repair plaster ceiling with Gyprock plasterboard.

What is Gyprock?

To begin with, let’s define what Gyprockactually is and also why it is so popular. Really there is not a big difference. Gyprock  plasterboard is still plasterboard. However it is incredibly durable and high quality which is why it sits as one of the world’s most preferred plasterboard products.

How much does it cost to plasterboard a ceiling?

Costs vary depending on the size and type of job. No two jobs are the same and the cost is determined by the cause of the issue, whether you need to remove your existing ceiling first, if the job is replacement or repair, heigh of wall surfaces and ceiling and whether you would like cornicing and ceiling roses installed.

You also want to make sure you choose a company that has plenty of experience, knowledge and skill in installing Gyprock plasterboard. Choosing a handyman without enough experience but who can offer you the cheapest quote may not be the right choice. Without quality materials and craftmanship, you could end up with a short-term ceiling fix which will end up costing you more money later down the track.

Can I repair plaster ceiling myself?

DIY setup of Gyprockis definitely feasible for basic jobs, nevertheless, we strongly discourage this in many cases as expert instalment will certainly offer you the best results.

Professional Gyprockinstallers are trained in all aspects of Gyprockplasterboard work and will certainly leave you with smooth walls, ceilings as well as cornices prepared for paint.

Does my Gyprockinstaller need to be licensed and accredited?

This actually depends on where you live because different regulation changes apply from one state to another. At the very least, the plasterer you choose must be experienced, qualified and insured to be carrying out any kind of plastering work on your building. When you talk with plasterers, inquire about their experience working in houses like your own, what certifications they have and ask for references.

Perth Ceiling and Walls are experts in plaster ceiling repair in Perth.They have the experience, skills and know-how to ensure your ceiling is safe and secure.  Their friendly team of knowledgeable staff will come and inspect the property to ascertain the depth of job and then fix the problem using Gyprockquickly and efficiently.

From new rooms and additions to dry walls and repairs; if it has anything to do with installing or repair plaster ceiling, Perth Ceiling and Walls will guarantee their work and give you the best price.