Common Causes for Gyprock Ceiling Damage

Are you worried that your Gyprock ceilings in Albany are damaged? There are many factors which can lead to damaged ceiling and determining the root cause can be essential to preventing more damage from occurring. Getting in a professional to inspect the damage and handle any Gyprock ceiling repair required is a great idea and a great company to use for WA’s southwest is Southern Ceiling Repair.

What is Gyprock?

Gyprock has been the favoured construction material for quite some time. In fact, it has been dominant in the industry since the 1950s when it overtook the much more time consuming and costly plaster and lath. The reason why gyprock is so favourable is because it is highly cost effective and incredibly easy to install. This combined with its durability and versatility are part of what makes it so attractive for homeowners looking to build a house or even for refurbishment projects.

Common causes for Gyprock ceiling damage

Poor craftsmanship – Unfortunately not every installation process is done to the highest standard. Sometimes nails which were not properly secured throughout the installation process can pop out and result in damage to your ceiling structure.

Water damage – If there you find that your gyprock ceiling has been extensively damaged then a prime culprit might be water damage. There are many potential root causes like leaking roofs, broken pipework, gutter defects and other structural issues. It’s important that in these cases you fix the root issue before conducting any gyprock ceiling repairs.

Cracking – Cracks vary in severity but it’s important to get a professional in to ensure that it is inspected and evaluated thoroughly and correctly. The last thing you want in a potentially dangerous crack being left unchecked and leading to large scale damage ceilings, walls and even foundations. Plus, a professional will be able to repair gyprock ceiling cracks before it becomes an issue.

Joint tapes loosening – joint tapes are often used for gyprock ceilings in Albany that require thicker joint compound applications. There are occasions where these tapes may come loose which is especially common when moisture is present.

Pests – Pests such as termites can cause a whole host of problems for gyprock ceilings. If you detect them early you can often avoid the worst of the potential damage. There are many potential signs including bubbling paint, crumbling boards or small holes. This highlights just how important it is to get routine maintenance check-ups.

Reputable Ceiling Company Providing Repairs for Gyprock Ceilings in Albany

If you need gyprock ceiling repair, gyprock wall repair or just a gyprock repair in general then there is no better company to call than Southern Ceiling Repair.  They can assist with all your issues with their wide range of industry experience and their top-quality standards. Check out their website to see what they can do for you.