Bathtub Liners Cost

When your bathroom has changed a lot, especially the bathtub color that has already been worn and discolored, your thought must be filled with how to replace it with the new one, how much the new bathtub is, and whether the new bathtub will be expensive and it can drain your budget. Well, rather than confusing and worrying about this kind of thing because you actually do not want to spend your budget for replacing the old bathtub that still is functional, you can think of bathtub liners cost. It is because the cost of replacing the tub can be avoided by lining your bathtub and at the same time your remaining original surface can still be protected very well.

There are some information of bathtub liners tub that should be known by you and the first thing is that the appearance and functioning of an older tub that already suffered from the use of abrasive cleaners can be improved well by the bathtub liners and the porcelain can be worn away as well as the metal can be exposed underneath to rust. You do not have to worry about the original surface of your bathtub because the original surface underneath will be protected from further damage. In addition, the dings, dents and discoloration will also be covered up by the bathtub liners.

You should not only think of the bathtub liners cost, but the benefits that can be got by you are also important, like the durability of the bathtub liners that can be used well up to twenty years. You will also be lightened when the plastic surface should be cleaned and disinfected and this will even be easier than when you clean the original porcelain. That the liners usually come in a solid piece should also be your concern because there will be no creases where you can apply the grout and by doing this, the grout can be cleaned and replaced.

Planning Bathtub Liners Cost

The bathtub liners cost will also depend on the bathtub liners types which are divided into two types; single and multiple-piece sets that can be chosen as you need. If the single liners are your choice, so the leaks can be prevented by them but it may not be suitable with some tubs and can only fit certain tubs. While if the multiple-piece is your choice, so the walls and other surfaces can be covered well and more flexibility will also be allowed, but the risk of leaks will be increased.

Bathtub Liners Cost Estimation

You can buy the standardized tub liners in the local home improvement stores that will be sold usually around $700 to $1,000, but you should be trickier when it comes to install them. Leaks and cracking tub liners are caused by the improper installation, and even the unsafe mold and bacteria can also happen. The least expensive of the bathtub liners cost will be around $2,100 and you will also be helped by a licensed plumber to install them. If you are planning for adding the accessories installation, the cost will be around $4,000 and if you want the custom bathtub liners, it will be $5,000 that should be paid.

Bathtub Liners Cost Calculation

Actually, the conclusion is that the bathtub liners cost will be based on the material, additional accessories, and also the installation. Get the best quality of the tub liners even though you should [ay more expensive for them. Good luck in installing them!