Bathroom Door Locked From Inside

Bathroom door locked from inside. When it happens to you, what you have to do?
Locked in bathroom is possibly problem in your daily life ever. Isn’t it? Lock in bathroom can happen in anytime and anywhere.  Locked in bathroom can occurs in private bathroom or public bathroom. Right

When you faced it, it is definitely make you frustrated sometimes and panic. Actually, when you faced it, you do not be panic because it can make add your problem. Stay calm is need when you locked inside. The locked door is typically occurring cause a lot of factors. Whether is type of the doorknob that is used for bathroom or other factors?

Unlock Bathroom Door

When you are in bathroom and locked inside, should do something so that you can walk out from the bathroom. You can use a paper clip, credit card and driver’s license. All of these item will help you in open a locked the door with easily ways and without worries. Or also you can use a knife and spatula as an alternatenative.

Locked Bathroom Door Hole

In this case, we will discuss about how to open a locked bathroom door. Read more this article to get references and more information that you can try when you locked inside. Here are the steps by steps.

How to pick a lock on the bathroom door with paper clip?

Locked Out of Bathroom

  1. When this situation occurs, you can open a locked with a credit card, paper clip, or driver’s license.
  2. If you have paper clip is so helpful to open a locked door. Make one bend out of the first loop. Make sure it is straight. Check the lock, when you look the lock you need light enough to see them. If you see a circle, you can push on the straight paper clip in the idle one.
  3. When you pushing the middle, you can twist on the knob. Doing together between push on the middle and twist the knob. Twist knob is useful for the striker will not spring back.
  4. If you doing all steps above, it should open the door. It is easy step. Right


How to open a locked bathroom door with credit card?

How to Open Bathroom Door


  1. To open a locked door through door jamb, you can use credit card or driver’s license. Before you insert the item in to lock, determine the type of lock is installed on bathroom. Because some lock have a button that pushes.
  2. You can use thin card if their lock is the type that locks by tuning a button. Slide a thin card that you have between the door jambs.
  3. And then push on a thin card. You should be pushed into the area where the lock enters the crevice of the door jamb. Push on with slowly and more forcefully.
  4. Swiping a thin card and then push the card into the jamb and attempt to swipe it forcefully. If all steps are done correctly, the locked door will open.