6 Garage Door Decoration Ideas for the Holidays

The festive season is just around the corner and it’s time for every family in Perth to start decorating the house to light up the holiday season. Every part of the house should be well decorated including the garage door which happens to be one of the first things everyone sees when visiting your house.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you some home improvement advice on how to decorate the garage door following the festive theme but before you start to decorate the garage door, remember to clean it with water and detergent and let it dry.

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Holidays Garage Door Decoration Ideas

1. Garage as a Gift Box

Gift boxes are common in every holiday season such as Christmas Day but a garage as a gift box itself is a one of kind idea for the holiday season. The idea is that turning the garage door to look like a large gift box complete with the colourful wrapping, ribbon and all of the holiday decoration surrounding the door, so when the guests arrive, they will get the impression of receiving a large gift box from you. 

2. Mural Painting on the Garage Door

The festive season isn’t complete without colourful painting surrounding your house which can be applied to the garage door as well. Instead of hiring the professional to paint holiday-themed door why not let your kids or other family members do the magic, it will be fun and tighten the bond for each family member. 

3. Themed projector lights with music on Garage Door

If you only have a limited time to prepare for the holiday decoration, applying projector lights on the garage door can be the best and quickest option. The projector light will illuminate your garage door with fun Christmas symbols like Santa, Mrs. Clause, and reindeer. Additionally, you can install several audio speakers on each side of the door and play the Christmas-theme song to deliver the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

4. Christmas magnets

Another simple idea to vamp up your garage door look for the festive season is by sticking the Christmas Magnets on the garage door. Choose the Snowmen Trio Garage Door Magnets, you will get three adorable snowmen dressed up in Winter gear, waving hello to whoever pulls into your driveway, neat right?!

5. Light up the garage door with lighting decoration

It’s a festive season so you need to have a bright and colourful atmosphere surrounding your house, especially the garage door. Adding outdoor garage lights and lanterns with simple greens draped across your light with berry accents can be a good makeover for your garage door.

6. Wrap it with garage door cover

The classic festive-themed garage door cover is an artistic choice that can be customized based on the holiday theme such as a beautiful deep red colour, red and white ornaments, and the phrase “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” Let the professional do it for you because it needs a precision skill to get it right.


All of the above ideas are something you can follow easily at home with or without professional help and by doing so you get the chance to check up the condition of your garage door whether it needs a service, garage door repairs or a replacement. A professional can get all of that done in a jiffy so that you still have time to prepare the festive decoration. You can find many affordable garage doors company in your local area if you search it online. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.