Zoe s Kitchen Fairfax

Have you ever heard about Zoe s Kitchen Fairfax in Virginia? If you are a culinary lover and have not ever heard about this restaurant name then you definitely need wider culinary reference. This restaurant is very famous even among famous people as well so it will be a pity if you have not ever visited this restaurant before. Are you curious now? Then, you need to get to know about this restaurant better so you will not get left behind. Make sure you read this passage further because today we are going to talk about Zoe s Kitchen which is located in Fairfax, Virginia. Hopefully, this passage can be a great reference to bring you closer to Zoe s Kitchen restaurant.
About Zoes Kitchen Restaurant
Soup Kitchens in Fairfax VA

Soup Kitchens in Fairfax VA

This restaurant is actually inspired by the amazing cooking history of Zoe Cassimus who has been cooking for her friends and family in her lifetime. As an honor toward her sense of culinary art and also cooking that is fresh from the garden, simple and original, the founder of this Zoe s Kitchen restaurant wants to bring all of those cooking senses into each of the dish offered in their restaurant. Not to mention about the generous portions and wholesome taste, that is no wonder Zoe s Kitchen has become one of the most favored place to dine out in United States. The meaning of Zoe itself in Greek is “life”. it means that the founder and also the cook of this restaurant want their customers to live a great life by sharing delicious foods in Zoe s Kitchen restaurant with family and friends.
Healthy yet Tasty Menu

Zoe’s Kitchen Catering

The dishes offered in the menu of Zoe s Kitchen Fairfax restaurant are all freshly made on premise and also scratch daily so it will definitely be fresh and healthy. This restaurant really has a very wide variety of dishes in their menu so you will definitely be able to find your favorite ones in it. One of their signature dishes is their Chicken Tomato Bisque or Orzo with pita bread on the side. There are also various choices of sandwich you will definitely like, starting from classic sandwiches, grilled sandwiches and also pita sandwiches. In addition, you can also get chips, desserts and other fresh side dishes to complete your main meal. If you happen to have a family dine-out with your kids, Zoe s Kitchen also offers a menu specially made for kids under twelve years old. You can also try their package of Dinners for Four or Take Home Tubs so you will get multiple advantages according to your needs at the time.

Greek Restaurants in Fairfax VA

One thing that proves Zoe s Kitchen Fairfax to be a great and trusted restaurant in United States is the testimonies made by a lot of people, including celebrities. US Weekly Magazine said that Sheryl Crow and LeAnn Rimes are two celebrities who love the Greek salad and grilled chicken dish offered by Zoe s Kitchen. Aside from US Weekly Magazines, there are also a lot of other popular publishers that have talked about this restaurant, including Birmingham Magazine, Dallas Child Magazine and Times of Acadiana Lafayette in Los Angeles.