Why Your Ceiling is Crack?

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Are Ceiling Cracks Serious?

Not every crack is a sign of catastrophe, in fact most cracks are usually benign. Lots of cracks are the result of harmless aging of your of your ceiling material. However, this is not the case for all cracks. Some cracks, especially if they are accompanied by problems such as discoloration or a leak, may be a sign that you should take action immediately.

Significance of Ceiling Cracks

The ability to tell the difference between harmless cracks and those that could cause a lot of damage to your ceiling could be the factor that saves your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t aware of which cracks need Perth ceiling repairs and which don’t. Most cracks boil down to one of two issues; aging or structural damage. Cracks as a result of aging don’t tend to be a big deal. Usually only simple patchwork is required if that. Structural damage is obviously more significant but don’t dismay, there are numerous reasons why your ceiling might be damaged, with varying levels of seriousness.

Causes of Ceiling Damage

Here are some common reasons why you might need Perth ceiling fixers

Water Damage

Ceiling cracks that appear suddenly may be an indication that there is a leak. If this is a case you may start to see some discolouration or even the development of mould.

Foundation Settling

Unfortunately, your house doesn’t settle in as fast as you do. You may notice a few cracks develop a few years after construction and this is due to your house’s foundation settling.

 Poor Workmanship

Not all Perth ceiling fixers do a good job. Sadly, there are times when the quality of the construction isn’t up to scratch or faulty building materials were used. In these cases you are likely to be in need of extra repairs.

Weather Effects

Your house often shrinks and expands due to changes in temperature and humidity. As such, sudden fluctuations in the weather can cause the formation of cracks.

Lighting Changes

When you install modern lights in order to replace old models you may find that the holes are too big in comparison. This can lead to cracks developing. However, they are very easy to repair.

Specialists in Perth Ceiling Repairs

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