Why Are Your Gyprock Ceilings Damaged?

Perth gyprock ceiling fixers have been a favorite for generations. They are one of the most affordable and durable options available and have a wide range of additional properties. Many homeowners are making the switch from older materials like plaster and lath when they are undertaking refurbishment or maintenance projects. However, gyprock is still vulnerable to damage like any other material and sometimes you may find yourself in need of a ceiling fixer.

Understanding what Gyprock is

Perth gyprock ceiling fixers have been popular since they arrived onto the scene for houses as old as the ones made in the 1940s. Gyprock is actually the brand name for a type of plasterboard but its use was so ubiquitous that it is now frequently used as a synonym for the product itself, regardless of the brand. Like other types of plasterboard, the base of the gyprock is made by creating a gypsum mixture and squishing it together with two thick paper sheets. Additives are typically added to the mixture to give it additional, valuable properties like soundproofing or resistance to fire and water.

Perth gyprock ceiling fixers

Common causes for Gyprock ceiling damage

Like any type of material, gyprock can be damaged by a variety of things. If you notice any signs of damage you should call a Perth gyprock fixer immediately in order to ensure that you and family remains safe. Here are some of the most common factors that contribute to ceiling damage.

Water damage

Water can inflict a lot of damage on your ceiling in a whole host of ways. Usually, there is a bigger problem at play which means that you may have to call another expert before you can call a ceiling fixer. Plus, many of these issues are time-sensitive and require urgent attention or you may end up with a ceiling collapse. Some of the root issues you should check to include a roof that has sprung a leak, gutters which are defective, pipework which have broken or otherwise malfunctioned, or potential structural damage.


Cracks, whether they are small or large, can be much more than just unsightly. Even the tiniest crack could soon snowball and become a much larger issue. They can cause damage not only to the ceiling itself but also to the walls and foundations. This is why you should contact a professional as soon as you notice signs of cracking so that you can get your ceiling properly investigated and evaluated.


Pests, termites, in particular, can be a nightmare for both residential and gyprock commercial ceilings in Perth. Early detection goes a long way when it comes to preventing damage so make sure you are regularly on the lookout for any signs that may indicate termite damage. Some such signs may include decaying or crumbling boards, bubbling paint, and small holes in the ceiling.

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