Which Type of Brickies Sand is Right for You?

When you’re thinking of bricklaying or conducting a building project, then brickies sand in Perth is the ideal choice for you. This is undisputed because of the high clay content which leads the mortar made with sand to be more workable and stickier. This in turn enhances both the blending and bonding capabilities of the mortar. But did you know that there are actually several types of brickies sand? The colour of the sand in question (that is red, yellow, and white brickies sand), affects the qualities of the sand so you should be aware of which type would be best for your project.

The Top Reasons Why Professionals Use Brickies Sand 

You might be wondering what exactly is brickies sand and why is it so popular? As mentioned above, brickies sand in Perth is chosen because it has many properties that are perfect for the production of mortar. Typically, this is the clay and silt content are what determines the enhanced stickiness and workability. This in turn leads to a much easier and more effective bricklaying process.

The structural join is so effective because brickies sand repels water and leaves a sturdy finish. Brickies sand is used in professional applications like wall construction, blockwork, roof capping and sand joints. These applications can be used far and wide from city buildings and stadiums to fields and agricultural uses.

Different types of brickies sand

There are many kinds of brickies sand, with the most popular varieties being red, yellow and white. Although you may think that colour is the only difference between these varieties, they actually have unique characteristics which make them better suited for different projects. In fact, sometimes getting the best bricklaying results depends on which kind of brickies sand you select. Here’s some information on the most popular types:


Yellow brickies sand is probably the most common variety of brickies sand. It is commonly referred to as “fatty sand” as its high clay content makes it denser than other alternatives. This sand is a favourite for bricklaying and masonry as it is very workable and easy to mix with above average water-repellant properties. The most common applications for this type of sand is use in bricklaying, paving and filling. It is also regularly used for landscaping projects particularly with regards to pools (both indoor and outdoor).


Red brickies sand is another popular choice. The main usage of this sand is in brick cement mixes for constructing cement walls. This type of sand is much lighter that other types of brickies sand which makes it a very desirable choice for certain applications like mortar production or landscaping. High quality red brickies sand is one of the best choices possible for ensuring the longevity of the finished product, particularly when you use reputable sand supplies in Perth.


White brickies sand gives a clean and bright finish when compared to alternatives, so it’s no wonder that it is high demand for many industries including building, construction to landscaping. If you need a lighter colour for your joint, mortar made with white brickies sand is likely the best choice for you.


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