What is the ideal sand for pavers?

Do you know what the most important material is when your laying pavers? You may think it is the pavers themselves but actually the sand forms the foundation and is the most essential material for ensuring a stable surface for your pavers. As such, you should make sure you choose only the highest quality paving sand from sand supplies in Perth.

You can’t just lay your pavers on top of any sand and expect to get results. The ideal properties of sand that would act as a base for pavers are coarseness and being granular. This would ensure a lack of movement upon the compacting of the sand. This happens because the coarse grains will grind together and eliminate and potential for shifting, thereby locking the sand in place.

Mason sand is an option that is commonly used but the appropriately named paving sand indefinitely the most popular for this purpose. It was designed specifically to be a stable base for pavers that will maintain its form and prevent shifting.

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Perks of paving sand

There are many reasons why paving sand is the ideal choice for pavers. Here are some reasons why you should get paving sand for your next sand supplies in Perth.

  1. It will keep your pavers fixed in place

Shifting pavers are a nightmare for anyone who has had them installed. Once you’ve gone through the hassle of installation you don’t want anything to jeopardise the stability of your pavers.  If they pull away the surface will become uneven and this will be not just unsightly but dangerous. Paving sand in Perth will prevent this situation from occurring as it is both steadfast and flexible. If the pavers ever shift then the sand will likewise shift keeping the integrity of your surface intact, whether it is a walkway, patio, or driveway.

  1. It can withstand water and weather effects

The same flexibility that allows it to adapt to shifting pavers also help it withstand the seasonal temperature fluctuations and the expansion and contraction that goes along with it. It is also very water-resistant and will even be able to be power washed. This simple fact makes taking care of your pavers that much easier.

  1. It helps prevent weeds and pests

Don’t want your pavers to end up with weeds growing in between the cracks? This is the reality for many walkways, but it is quite unattractive and can actually compromise the structural integrity. Paving sand ensures that plants are unable to grow. Ants and other pests will also find it difficult to come between the pavers.

Sand Supplies in Perth

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