What is the Average Small Bathroom Remodeling Cost?


When you have a small bathroom in your home, you might be confused how to make it feel larger and make it feel like a part of the home. However, a small bathroom sometimes needs a little updating to make it happen.

In comparison to a master bathroom, small bathrooms are less expensive to remodel but costs are depending on factors such as plumbing, decoration and the extent of the remodeling job.

As with any remodeling project, make sure that there are not any specific building codes that your bathroom must meet to be approved and obtain a permit from the city building or planning office.

Paint and Supplies

What Is the Average Small Bathroom Remodeling Cost

A quick method to refresh and update a bathroom in need is painting. You can hire a professional painting service or simply do the painting yourself. Paint is the most obvious needed supply for a painting project, but not just any paint. To prevent mold growth behind and on top of the paint surface, latex semi gloss paint with a milder-resistant formula is also required to paint your small bathroom. The average gallon of this type of paint starts at $20 as of publication time. You might need paintbrushes, painter’s tape, a paint tray paint rollers, an edging tool and tarps on top of the paint itself.

Tile and Flooring


In a remodeling project, you must remove outdated or moldy flooring and tile. Though ceramic and stone tiles are expensive in terms of both product cost and labor, they are versatile and durable flooring options, you have to take them into your consideration. Vinyl is a cheap alternative option, but to achieve the look and durability of tile without the cost, you will need a high quality vinyl. According to Lowe’s, the average vinyl flooring is ranges from less than $1 to more than $12 per square foot.

Vanities, Tubs and Toilets


Large fixtures such as toilets, tubs and vanities may need replacement as well if the bathroom is severely outdated. Before pricing large fixtures, you need to measure the space of your bathroom because unless you intend to expand the bathroom and remove walls, your new fixtures must be similar in size to old ones. Basic bathtub, as of publication time, for a new bathtub you can expect to pay more than $400, from $70 to more than $400 for a vanity, and up to $300 for a toilet. Purchase similar styles when replacing all of the large fixtures in your bathroom so that the bathroom coordinates well.

Accessories and Hardware


A small bathroom could be updated by changing accessories and hardware without the high cost of replacing large fixtures. For example, replacing a faucet is a quick update that makes a big difference in the bathroom. As of publication time, the average cost for a bathroom faucet ranges from $20 to more than $200. Materials, size and style factor into the cost.

Additional costs a homeowner can expect to pay in a bathroom remodeling are updating other hardware in the bathroom such as mirror, lighting, light switches and handles. You can also try removing hardware pieces and repainting them as an alternative to replacing the hardware entirely when on an extremely tight budget.