6 Tips on Throwing Moroccan Dinner Party

Moroccan cuisine is becoming quite a hit in Perth, especially with the young generation. The exotic taste of spices mixes paired with the healthiness and easy to cook makes the Moroccan dishes the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Additionally, its unique culture often followed by today’s artisan or creative people and blend it with the current trends resulting in an exotic and sophisticated work of art. 

Another note-worthy about the Moroccan tradition is its unique party set up. Nowadays, this authentic theme is commonly known as Moroccan Dinner Party which include so many aspects from decorations, cuisine, dress code and many more. 

Essential Moroccan Dinner Party Preparation

If you are planning to throw a Moroccan-themed party, here are some tips you should follow:

1. Large hall or garden

Starting with the venue, initially, the Moroccan throwing their party in a large hall or building because when it comes to a party they are so extra and inviting so many guests. However, in today’s world, people starting to blend it with the current cultural trend which is an outdoor set up in a garden to make it a chic looking party with an exotic Moroccan decoration. The choice is yours.

2. Colourful decoration is a-must

Not many people familiar with Moroccan-themed party but they do know about Moroccan food and one thing they noticed about the cuisine is so vibrant. Yes, the same principle is applied to the party decorations where you need to have a mix of warm colours in every aspect of the decoration such as orange and fuchsia which can be accentuated with gold, copper or jewelled tones of blue. Apply these colours selection to the lanterns, vases, napkins, plates, florals or serve ware.

3. Floor cushions instead of chairs

In Moroccan homes, the uses of chairs are rarely seen to host a guest or having a regular dinner with the entire family because they usually sit on the cushions with the carpet beneath it and often seen without a table, this also applied in the party as well. Therefore, if you would like to have the authentic feels of the Moroccan-themed party, choosing the floor cushion is a perfect choice but you can add a small short-legged table to make it more a sophisticated look. 

4. Get into the details on decoration accessories

Remember you need to go extra when preparing a Moroccan-themed party which includes several small details like candles, lantern and flowers decoration. Make the party feels cosier by adding some pretty Moroccan lanterns with aromatic scented candles and a fresh bucket of flowers on every table. 

5. Moroccan-themed dress code

Remember bright and vibrant are the main highlights of the Moroccan culture, therefore, your party attire should follow this principle as well. For the ladies, wearing loose, flowing fabrics in signature prints such as “Moroccan tile,” paisley, floral, and ornate patterns is one of the choices that you can wear, while for the guys wearing Moroccan kaftan with a colourful signature would be advised.

6. Authentic Moroccan Dishes

The dishes selection is possibly the main highlight of the party. There are plenty of Moroccan dishes to choose from but for a themed party, you need to serve the authentic dishes such as Moroccan Chicken Tagine, Lamb Mechoui, Aromatic Couscous, Green Shakshouka and many more. Additionally, if you are going to prepare the dishes by yourself, using the homemade Moroccan spice mix of Riki Kaspi will ease your cooking preparation and serving the delicious authentic taste of Moroccan foods.


Preparing a party is a fun and enjoyable thing to do, especially the Moroccan-themed party. Even though there is plenty of to-do list, in the end, it’s all about the joy and excitement of having to meet everyone and share the happy moments. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.