Tips for Installing a Cork Floor in the Bathroom

Tips for Installing a Cork Floor in the Bathroom

Using Cork Flooring in a Bathroom

If you have a plan to install a cork floor in the bathroom, but if you are still need more tips to get the best result, so you are in the right place, you can just stay on this article, we will provide you a few tips to help you get the best result, so you have to consider trying to follow instruction steps below that will help you to complete and even realize your plan and also guide you to get the best result as well as your wishes. So, let’s check these out!

Easy to Install Cork Bathroom Flooring

  • For the very first, the floor trim should be removed, you can remove it by using your pry bar and hammer. Remember to not break the trim, as reinstalling it later will be needed by you.
  • And the second, your tape measure should be ran across the room and about how many full rectangular cork planks will fit should be figured out. And then, the amount of the space that is left should be taken, and the width of a full tile will be added to it, then it should be divided to be two parts. This is the width that your first and last rows of tile must be. For instance, if there are 10 inches wide for planks and your measurements finds there will be an extra two inches at the edges of the room, you have to create your first and last rows become 6 inches wide (10 + 2 = 12, divided by two is six.)

How to Install a Cork Floor in the Bathroom

  • And then, the cork pieces for your first row at the width you have calculated should be cut, your table saw can be used for this way. The pieces should be laid  so there is at least 3/8 inches of space between the wall and the cut side, so the cork will be allowed to expand. The tiles should be snapped together end to end. And then, the last piece should be measured and cut to fit, your table saw can be used for this.
  • After that, the second row should be started; the planks should be snapped together with those of the first row at the sides by using their tongue and groove fittings. And then, the ends of the planks should be staggered in the row, so they do not line up. The end pieces should be cut as needed on your table saw.

5 Tips for Installing Cork Tile Flooring in the Bathroom

  • And then, your way should be worked across the whole floor, each row should be installed in the same way. And then, the planks should be measured and they should be cut, a jigsaw can be used to cut it, this way is to fit around the bathtub and other obstructions.
  • And the last, the pieces for the last row should be cut in the right width, you can cut them on your table saw, and it must be the similar width as your beginning row. The planks should be installed as with the other rows. The floor trim should be reinstalled; your trim nailer can be used to handle this last point.