The Reasons Why You Should Get Your Acrylic Laser Cut

laser cut acrylic

There are many reasons to love acrylic. It is the material of choice for many due to its durability and versatility. Laser cutting acrylic sheet can result in a smoother, more polished look when compared to machine cutting. This allows for a more sophisticated and cleaner style and delicate or complicated shapes can be completed with ease. Certain types of acrylic can give you benefit from frosty white engravings. There are numerous reasons why you should choose laser cut acrylic but there are significant differences between the main types, and it is worth knowing what kind suits you before sending your acrylic sheet to the chopping block.

Which acrylic can be laser cut?

There are two major types of acrylic which are suitable for a laser cutter in Perth. The first type is cast acrylic. These sheets are formed when a liquid substance is poured into a mould. The moulds can differ by shape and size allowing for a lot of variabilities. It is great for engraving as the acrylic will subsequently become a frosty white color. However, it will not result in polished edges if it is cut. Even so, this is the type of acrylic which is most commonly seen for awards.

The second type of laser cut acrylic is extruded acrylic. This is produced in a more high-volume way which results in it being a cheaper alternative. It is perfect if you are after smooth and clean cuts but engravings will be clear as opposed to the frosted white you’d get with cast.

How to go About Cutting Acrylic Sheet

As mentioned above, the ideal type of acrylic to use for cutting acrylic signs is extruded. To cut effectively you’ll want to make sure that the material is slightly elevated so that it isn’t touching the table. By doing this, you will minimise the presence of grid marks and backside reflection. You may be interested in getting a pin table to complement your laser cutting. With the handy feature of movable pins, you can make sure that your acrylic is effectively elevated and has the necessary support in the places where you don’t want it cut. You can also get effective support for the areas which contain small, intricate pieces which can otherwise be prone to falling out.

Looking for Professional CNC Cutting Service?

If doing it all yourself isn’t an option, then there are easier ways to get some help cutting acrylic sheet. Acrylic Sheet Sales has a wide range of styles that can be cut to whatever shape you require. Laser cut acrylic has practically unlimited uses. You can create almost anything from something small like jewellery to larger items like signage or electronic enclosures. They have numerous colours and shades to choose from and will create bespoke designs just for you. Contact them now and see how they can bring your design to life.