Simple Tips for a Sparkling Clean Deck

Why Use Composite Decking?

In WA there are many pro’s to having a nice patio or outside space to enjoy our year-long sun. But maintaining these spaces can be a lot of work and more time is spent cleaning them than enjoying them. One of the biggest advantages of using composite decking is the low levels of maintenance that it requires, especially when compared to traditional timber. So getting composite decking in Perth can help you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the outdoors. However, even though you can get away with being a bit slack, you will still need to do a little bit of work in order to keep it looking great.

Sweep once per week

Remember decking is still a flooring surface. As such dirt will naturally start to build up and it requires a bit of a sweep at least once per week. Do this and you’ll easily stay on top of any debris that may have gathered.  Feel free to use a wind blower to get rid of any leaves that have accumulated on the deck.

Deep clean once per season

You really don’t need to do a thorough clean all too often. A good schedule may be once every 3 months or so, or whenever the seasons change so it’s easy to remember. Make sure that whatever decking cleaner you use is rated for use with composite decking as you don’t want to accidentally damage your deck throughout the cleaning process.

Clean the gaps once per year

All decks have gaps between the boards which can be a hotspot for dirt and debris to get caught in. These bits of gunk can manage to avoid being cleaned while you’re sweeping so it’s worth spending some time scraping any residual dirt out. This only needs to be done around once per year and can be done easily with an old butter or putty knife. Just make sure not to scratch the boards!

Pressure clean as a last resort

Unfortunately, there are times where the gunk just can’t be removed no matter how hard you try. In these cases you may be tempted to have the deck pressure cleaned. This is a last resort option as you must be careful not to apply too much pressure as this could risk damaging the boards.

Where can I get composite decking?

Getting composite decking in Perth can be as easy and hassle-free as it is to maintain. New Wave Flooring is a one stop shop for all your flooring needs providing premium quality composite decking throughout Perth and surrounding areas.

What is their composite decking made of?

Over 90 percent of the decking is made from a combination of reclaimed timber, bamboo and recycled plastic.

How much do they cost?

With Composite decking prices ranging from $24 to $69 you can get a great value decking material that looks like wood while cutting down on maintenance costs.

How long does composite decking last?

The average lifespan is around 25-30 years. This is especially impressive when compared to the 10-15 years expected from timber. To find out more and to connect with one of the best composite decking suppliers in Perth check out their website today.