Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

Rubber Rug Pads forHardwood Floor

Rug pads can be placed in purposed to increase the life of floor rugs. Due to Olefin rugs especially the hardwood floors that are more prone to damage or even those having a good backing. Cheap area rugs or olefin rugs usually come with no backing, so that buying a rug pad becomes important. Invest in good quality rugs will be perfect to spice up the beauty of your rooms. Quality rug pads will keep your rug’s bottom surface from getting damaged and dirty.

What type of Rug Pads Should I buy for Hardwood Floor?

Think about its benefits, buy quality rug pads is a must in preventing area rugs from bunching and sliding when we walk on them. By allowing air to flow underneath to help in keeping dryness, rug pads will protect rugs from mildew. The rugs will be easy to vacuum when the rug pads are placed underneath and also don’t develop furniture grooves as quickly.

Here is the detail of best type rug pads available in the market, in spite of that you can browse through and gladly to choose.

Sponge Rubber Rug Pads

Best Rug Pads

Used under area rugs, there are two types of sponge rubber padding which are waffle rubber and flat rubber. If your room has high traffic areas, flat rubber is the best to choose. It will prevent furniture indentations and work best with both heavy and light area rugs.

Waffle rubber rug pads are thinner than flat rubber pads; it doesn’t give best support, especially if you have heavy plastic backing. Polyurethane-coated hardwood floors can’t use rubber padding; it can cause dimpling to the flooring that is not cheap when it is needed to repair.

Polyurethane Rug Padding

Made from recycled foam pieces, Rebond padding is a type of polyurethane padding. This type of rug pads present best cushion and insulation for hardwood flooring. You can cut it to fit the size of your area rug. Polyurethane rug padding is easy to find in most carpet stores even in online store. Prime and froth padding will be included with other types of Polyurethane padding. You can find prime padding material in chairs, mattresses, and sofas commonly. All types of hardwood flooring and finishes can use prime and rebond. To create non-slip surface, froth padding is applied directly to the back of a rug. However, you should know that discoloration can happened because of froth padding and to protect the flooring, additional pads may be necessary. In determining the best course of action, consult the carpet manufacturer.

Felted Fiber Rud Padding

They come in two different types, which are natural and synthetic. Made from nylon, polyester, polypropylene and other man-made materils, synthetic felted fiber padding are processes to create flat sheets of felt. It can be used under both heavy and light are rugs and the materia are very strong. Made from plants or even animal hair, natural fiber padding are processed to create flat sheets of felt. They are very durable and can be used on any hardwood surface safely. Used to create felted fiber padding, leftover pieces of felt are recycled commonly.

Rugs pad for hardwood floor

Rugs Pads for Hardwood Floors

There are plenty of choice available in the market, you don’t have to worry about  a perfect piece for your hardwood floor. Browse through collection and so many range of options from each brand and get ready to set quality rug pads under you r rugs.