Make Sustainability Your New Years Resolution

When it comes to making better environmental choices there is no time like the present. Make your new year’s resolution really count by making a conscious effort to be better to the environment. There are many things you could do from hiring a skip bins in Perth to switching from natural grass to artificial grass in Perth. Here are some changes you could make for a more environmentally friendly 2020.

Spruce up your driveway

Stone and concrete driveways may be the most common type of driveway but there are ways you can make the area a little more eco friendly. Adding plants (particularly drought tolerant ones) are a great way to cool your surfaces down while adding some nifty oxygen to the air. Composite wood, turf stabilisers and other sustainable materials can act as alternatives.

Use LED lighting

LED lights last 6 times as long as traditional lighting and are up to 80% more energy efficient. Making the switch to LED lighting can save you money while saving the planet. Your power consumption will go down and less light bulbs will require manufacturing and packaging which will result in less waste.

Dispose of your waste properly through skip bins

Even the most frugal among us will produce waste from time to time. Reducing waste is important but it’s just as important to dispose of your waste wisely when it is produced. Skip bins are often the most responsible way to get rid of your waste. It’s a big misconception that the rubbish placed in skip bins just go straight to the tip. Skip bin companies work closely with recycling centres and ensure as many resources are extracted as possible and that the least amount ends up in landfills. WA Skips is a great example of a company like this and using them for your waste issues may be a great thing to do for the environment.

Use artificial grass

Another common misconception is that artificial grass isn’t as good for the environment as natural grass. Conversely synthetic grass in Perth can be much better for the environment. Lawns require a lot of water to maintain and this is far from ideal in this drought affected climate. Litres upon litres can be saved every year just by purchasing artificial grass.

Additionally, using non toxic artificial grass causes other adverse maintenance effects to be mitigated, such as removing the need for harmful fertilisers and pesticides as well as the pollution caused from lawnmowers, which can emit as much pollution per hour as 34 cars. Even landfills may feel the advantages as grass clippings make up around 10-20% of community waste.

This is not to mention the benefits of energy conservation or environmental cooling when covering spaces like decks or balconies.

Artificial grass near me

If you’re looking for a synthetic grass supplier take a look at New Wave Flooring. They can take care of all your flooring requirements including the best quality, synthetic grass in Perth. If you’re after the best artificial grass cost per metre check out their website and start living for a more environmentally friendly 2020.