Little Tikes’ Home Improvement

When you are looking for the home design ideas, you can use the little tikes’ home improvement to help you find the idea that you want. Choosing the best home improvement manufactures to help you in accomplished your home improvement project. Little tike home improvement gives the benefit for you.

Little tikes’ home improvement comes in wide variety design and price that is available in store. In stores you can any models of little tikes’ home improvement. Choose the little tikes home improvement that is suit with your requirement and your budget as well.

Little tikes home improvement is extremely useful for imagine the home improvement that you want. Besides that, little tikes also use for children as their toys in home. This product gives the effect for kids totally as educative and stimulation to your children.

Little Tikes Home Improvements 2-Sided – GoSale – Comparison

Little tikes’ home improvements typically use for toddlers and preschoolers to create a home with play work. They are typically made for plastic material and safe for toddlers. Little tikes’ homes improvements also have available for teenagers.

Little tikes’ home improvement is safe for toddler so you do need to worry. And also make your child more creative with this product. Little tikes’ home improvements create to promote the development of motor skill as well than other products.

This is the one example of little tikes’ home improvement. Here is more detail about it

Little tikes home improvement – kiddy bear

little tikes home improvement workshop – DealTime

The play tools and DIY project which is suit for preschoolers and toddlers. They can jump in with physical play and role play with these products. Type of these products with 2 sided play workshop design. That is a good option to choose little tikes as your child toys because it is ways to promote the development of motor skills and imaginations totally.

The feature of these products is

    1. Size of product is 20.00”L X 14.50”W X 39.00”H
    2. Size of box 40.00”L X 15/00”W X 22.00”H
    3. Two pegboards for hanging tools
    4. The little tikes home improvement accessories included:

Little Tikes Home Improvement 2-Sided Workshop

–          1 wrench (color may vary)

–          1 hammer

–          5 play nails

–          1 flower box

–          5 play screws

–          1 screwdriver

–          1 faucets

–          2 shutters

–          1 light

–          1 French post

–          2 tools hooks

    1. In back side looks like a play house
    2. In back sides give kids four educational which is can play projects, such as

Little Tikes Home & Garden Playhouse – Outdoor Play Toys. Kids

–          Your kids can repairing a fence post

–          Installing shutters on a window

–          Fixing a water spigot

–          And the last is can building a flower box

  1. With 3.8 volt, 0.3 amp. Single contact – mini flange
  2. For flight using 3AA alkaline batteries ( batteries not included)
  3. The durable bench top takes all creative energy kids can dish out
  4. Include 2 sides has a bench in one side and 2 side for four home repair project on
  5. For age 2 years and up
  6. The price is Rp 1.500.000