Kitchen Ceiling Lights Ideas


An ideal kitchen is having better vanity, good flooring and lighting. Kitchen cabinets and countertops are the heart of the kitchen. Then can make kitchen have better function and give a life on your kitchen. Cabinets are one of the kitchen vanities that can provide extra storage place. And countertops are usually use for keep hold dishes when it comes to food preparation.

Ceiling lights can also give more comfortable on your kitchen. Certainly, it was not comfortable when cooking on the low kitchen ceiling lights. It can feel like cook on the dark cave. So, install the right kitchen ceiling lights to make your activity more efficiently.

Pictures of Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Find the great kitchen ceiling lights that have both aesthetic characteristics and functional. Combine the natural sunlight with light features also the great idea. So, place your light fixtures on the proper placement. With bright light on the kitchen, you can easily see what you are doing. But, you still must to balance the functionality and ambience when finding the great kitchen ceiling lights.

There are some kitchen ceiling lights ideas that will help your kitchen appear more open, the ceiling higher, and the walls become taller. Use color, pattern and lights to play the illusion on your kitchen. Check this out!

Kitchen Ceiling Lights Ideas: Pendant Lighting

Most Popular Kitchen Lighting

Pendants or chandeliers can effectively lighting specific areas of the kitchen. Kitchen Island is the perfect area to place pendant lighting. This type of lighting can provide a decorative look while at the same time offer a little extra lighting. Mostly, this type of lighting is used in kitchen with vaulted or high ceilings. Because the regular lights on the ceilings is too high to effectively light the specific space. So, pendant lighting is use to extra lighting besides the regular light fixtures.

Kitchen Ceiling Ideas: Sink Halogen Lights

Kitchen Ceiling Fan Ideas

Add some light on specific areas can help you when do activity on the kitchen. Sink also the important kitchen features. It is often use to clean up vegetables, dishes, or your hand. Install halogen lights above the sink maybe the good ideas to make it more look important and elegance.

Kitchen Ceiling Ideas: Light in Ceiling Fan

It is the multifunction light fixtures. Besides providing the extra lighting, it is also can circulating air on the kitchen. The circulating air from the ceiling fan can help to avoid odors and aroma from food.

Kitchen Ceiling Ideas: Lighting on the under cabinet

Bright Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Sometimes, lighting on the ceiling is not enough. It is can give shadowed and dark corners on the cabinet. So, install under – cabinet lights maybe help. Strip, disc and track lights are the common types of task lighting.

Besides the light features above, natural lights also can give more benefit. Install a large window on your kitchen. It can allow sunlight during the day. So, you can save more energy without use light features on the day. Good luck!