How to Tile a Shower Wall

Bathroom is the most important place in the entire house. In the old day, some people describe bathroom as a little box that use to take a bath or urination. But, nowadays they realize that bathroom is more important than a little box.

It can be place for release stress during work on the day. Relaxing ourselves while take a bath with warm water. Hmm, that is very pleasant. Some people say that ridiculous but bathroom really can reflect homeowner’s personality.

Just imagine that your guest visit your bathroom, and find it in dirty and stinky. I guess they do not want to come back on your bathroom anymore. So, to prevent it, keep your bathroom always clean and fragrant anytime. Clean it regularly and put bathroom deodorizer or perfume on it.

To make your bathroom more comfortable, you must to consider about the important things on it. Such as ceiling, flooring, vanity, and tiling on your bathroom. The focal point of bathroom is shower. But, tile a shower wall also important.

Shower tiles can prevent and stand up from soap and water on the daily onslaught. It is can also to complement your bathroom design. When choosing the ideal shower tiles for your bathroom, there are several things you must to consider.

Size of your bathroom

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Bathroom size also influences the size of bathroom tiles too. So, measurement is important. Do not choose a large tile design, if you have a small sized bathroom. It is just can make your bathroom look smaller. So, you better choose a small tile design.

Style of your bathroom

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However, shower tile should fir the overall look of your bathroom. For the examples, metal and glass mosaic tiles with large format tiles on the walls and floors are complement in contemporary bathroom.

Material of shower tile

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Shower tiles are made in many different materials. If you have child, the great material of your shower tiles are Ceramic Tile. It is not slippery while in wet. So, it can boost the safety factor on your bathroom.

Marble tile is best suited in contemporary or modern bathroom. This tile can make an elegant and modern appearance on your bathroom. Glass tile or mosaic can also complement in modern bathroom.

Color of shower tile

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Color can influence the emotion and look on bathroom. Make the space of your bathroom appear larger with use cool or light shades of tile. This is suits on a small sized bathroom. But, if your bathroom is a larger sized, use different color on the walls and floors is the best option.

How to tile a shower wall

  1. Draw a horizontal line to guide your tile lowest row with use a carpenter’s level. On the center of shower wall, draw a vertical line.
  2. Use a trowel to apply mortar on the wall.
  3. Start on the center line, set the first piece of tile. And then continues add a next piece in the row. To make your tile in adequate space, use tile spacers.
  4. If the tiles have reached the plumbing or corners, mark the area with pencil. And then cut tiles with use a nipper or micro cutter.
  5. Until 24 hours, allow the tile to dry. And then remove the tile spacers.
  6. Use grout float to grout the walls. Prevent water leakage with caulk around the shower fixtures.
  7. In 2 or 3 days, allow the grout to set. And then, prevent it from porous with apply a grout sealer.