How to Remove a Bathtub

Removing a bathtub is one of the parts in accomplishing the home improvement project, especially bathroom improvement project when your bathtub wants to be replaced with the shower or even with the new bathtub because the old one cannot be used anymore due to its severe condition. However, removing a bathtub is a difficult task to do so it can be done successfully or even badly, so you should be more careful to do this kind of task and if you have no idea to start, you may try to follow some steps on how to remove a bathtub. If you have a skill for doing this kind of project, it will be nice if you can do it yourself without spending much money to hire the professional.

  1. The first thing that should be remembered in how to remove a bathtub is that before any water pressure is removed from the lines by opening the valves, the main water supply can be turned off to the house and the basket drain can be removed with the basket removal wrench.
  2. Any of the wall material can be removed if the edge of the bathtub which is beside the studs wants to be exposed. The good straightedge and the sharp utility knife can be used if the wall is drywall and you want to repair it so that the bathtub flange can be covered and the drywall can also be cut out as well and the size is around two inches as usual.

    How to Remove a Bathtub Tips

  3. After that, the next thing on how to remove a bathtubis that access to the plumbing can be gained when the wall adjacent is removed to the tub where the faucet exists. When the faucet is being removed, the caution can be used as the threads on the existing plumbing in the wall can be damaged. Then, an old blanket can be placed on the floor so that the tub can be slide onto.

    How to Remove a Bathtub Process

  4. In this step, the scrap piece of wood can be placed against the long wall of the tub which is regarded as a protection and the tub can be slide away from the wall and the pry war can be used by you to do this. That all the plumbing is free should also be made sure if a hang up is found by you.

    How to Remove a Bathtub Steps

  5. The last step on how to remove a bathtub is that it can be removed through a wall but a hole should be cut first with the large size of reciprocating saw and the temporary header can be used so that the opening can be braced. If the tub is already made sure free from the plumbing, it can be eliminated through the hole from the bathroom, but in this part, some assistance will be required.

Actually, it will be easier to do when you have ever done this task before and you can see the steps on how to remove a bathtub here when you have forgotten the steps. Do not forget that the safety glasses should be prepared and worn when you are doing this task. Perhaps, this task can make you frustrated, so do not do this when you are busy, do this when you really have plenty of time.