How to Remodel a Bathroom?

Don’t let your dreams broken then looking for buying another house caused by a cramped bathroom. Add more space of your bathroom and giving it just the face lift needed to call your comfortable new place home by using a simple remodel project. You will discover ways to increase the size and usability of any bathroom space in this article.

To remodel a bathroom, you must be following the instruction below:

Things you will need

: Graph paper, Pencils, Imagination, Camera and Engineers or architects ruler.

How to Remodel Shower

  1. Your bathroom space and the rooms next to the bathroom should be examined well. Take a measurements then measured-well the bathroom and adjoining rooms. You need to check for any closets that have a common wall-shared with your bathroom, make sure the measurements of those closets is included. To determine if you can remove a closet and add that space to your bathroom, simply check your drawing. Will you miss the closet space? Will it square-off your bathroom? The wallpapered wall on the right side of the door was a closet to an adjoining bedroom in the pre-remodel photo here.
    How to Remodel BathtubHow to Remodel Bathtub

How to Remodel Bathtub

  1. You can decide where to put the fixtures such as shower, sink and toilet after you have measured your bathroom and transposed the measurements to your graph paper. Sinks and showers is existed in many options such as vanities, tile, inserts and pedestal sinks. Whether you need counter space for such things like hair accessories ad toothbrushes, it should be evaluated. To accomplish this or if you will need a vanity, determine if there are other ways such as shelving. You may don’t need a vanity if there is a hall closet where bathroom items can be easily stored and accessed. Pre-determined sizing is required for showers, tubs and inserts whereas tile allows flexibility is size and location.
    How to Redo a Tub

How to Redo a Tub

  1. This bathroom measured just over 7 feet long by about 5 feet wide. A closet was removed from one of the bedroom which turned that bedroom into an office to add space. To the bathroom, added a 2 x 3 foot square which was just enough space for the toilet. Made especially for bathroom, the window was replaced with a new vinyl window and the shower was moved to this new location. Provides privacy without a blind so that plenty of light comes through that window, the new window has “rain” glass. In this bathroom, tile that nicely accommodated the irregular size should be considered.

How to Redo a Shower

  1. An over-the-toilet shelving unit, corner shelves and even simply shelves on the wall are included the additional space savers. To hide things like toilet paper and other personal items, consider to including cabinet doors. Another way to store bathroom accessories without cutting into the overall space of the bathroom is medicine cabinets. Remodeling a bathroom is a great way to create the look you want or desire in your bathroom and personalize your home, anyone can plan a bathroom remodel.