How to Paint a Bathtub

Perhaps, your bathroom is already old and the paint color is also already faded and peeled that can make you bored and even make you more desperate when you are in you bathroom meaning that you will need to do a bathroom improvement for making your bathtub is like a new one and your bathroom will also look more fresher. Doing a bathroom improvement does not always mean that you should replace anything in your bathroom entirely with the new ones including buy a new bathtub to replace the old one. Well, if it can still be used well you do not need to buy the new one, you can just paint your bathtub to have the new beautiful look, but how to paint a bathtub?

  1. The first step in how to paint a bathtub is preparing the chemical cleaner that will be used so that the entire surface of the tub can be cleaned or if you want to use the acetone or even the straight rubbing alcohol, it is also allowed because their functions are the same as a cleaner. Any other heavy-duty cleaners with an alcohol base are also allowed to be used. Moreover, that the cleaner have been rinsed away thoroughly should also be made sure and the bathtub should also be given with plenty of time to dry.
  2. Next, the entire surface of the bathtub can be sanded down so that the surface can be made rough so the paint will adhere better and the palm sander can be used because the surface can be sanded lightly better. Before the sander is put on the bathtub, the sander can be started first and when the sander is running, it can be placed on the tub and then it can be swept back and forth which your strokes can be overlapped. The sander can be lifted away from the bathtub and after that it can be turned off.

    How to Paint a Bathtub Directions

  3. The next step in how to paint a bathtubis that any surface that will not be painted should be covered and it can be done if the paper is tapped over it and the floor around the bathtub, hot and cold water knobs, as well as the faucet are included to be covered. Also, a bonding agent which is in a liquid form can be applied to the tub if the porcelain or tile are painted so the paint can be helped adhere to the surface of the bathtub. This can be rubbed or sprayed over the entire bathtub surface then left to dry for about 5 minutes.

    Tips on How to Paint a Bathtub

  4. Next step in how to paint a bathtubprocess is that the two to three coats of epoxy paint can be applied to the bathtub from left to right and that the paint has many of time to dry between each application should be made sure. The paint brush can also be used so that the paint can be applied, but it will be more time consuming and not as smooth as you expect.

    The Steps on How to Paint a Bathtub

    How to Paint a Bathtub Steps

  5. The last step in the how to paint a bathtub process is that it can be finished off with two or three coats of an acrylic top coat so that the paint can be prevented from chipping and the durable finish can also be given. It can be left to dry and after that, another coat can be applied. Have a nice time in painting your bathtub then!