How to organize old photos properly

Chances that you have built a piling printed or framed photograph inside your drawers from a few years back are high, therefore, need a proper way to organize it so that they won’t be deteriorating due to the age or other factors. Pandemic has given us so much time to spend at home which is a perfect chance to organize the old photos because you don’t want to lose the precious memories captured in each photo right?! Therefore, follow some of our tips to organize old photos properly below.

1. Start to open all of the boxes

Commonly, Australian store their old photos inside a box in a drawer or on top of it because they probably won’t have to open it soon. Therefore, start to remember where are these boxes being stored then organize it and start opening them to get a better look at how many old photos stored inside it. 

2. Organize the photos by date taken

Once you get the photos out of the boxes, now it’s time to get into the details. Chances that your photos are randomly stored which means you need to have a way to make it easier to organize them. Organizing them by date taken is one of the solutions because you can easily recognize each photo date by its condition or the memories captured. However, this could take some times because you need to check the photo one by one.

3. Clean it properly and carefully

By now, it’s easier to recognize each photo condition because from the previous step you already have a general picture on the condition of each photo, now it’s time to give them a clean look. Even though it stored inside a box, doesn’t mean dush won’t be attached to it, therefore, start by wiping them clean with a clean and dry cloth and use a small brush for a detailed cleaning routine.

4. Select the photos to throw away

Yes, it’s hard but must be done because the truth is not all photos can be saved and organized due to its condition. So, look for photos in the worst state such as damaged by water or damp, eaten by pests, torn apart and many more. Even though there is a service that can restore its condition but this will takes time and cost. Another solution for the damaged photos is by sorting and separate them from the others then put it again in a well-protected box specifically for storing old photos, therefore, you won’t lose them even though the condition is not good.

5. Make it as wall decoration

An old photograph can be a great theme to decorate the wall in your room because who doesn’t want to be surrounded with many precious memories right?! However, you need to be very careful about choosing the type of decoration ideas, choose the one that safe for the photos like making wall mural with a washi tape or painter’s tape.

6. Scan it and upload it to the cloud drive

Probably the safest way to organize and preserve the old photos is by digitizing them and store it in a cloud drive. Storing in a cloud drive makes it easier for you to do anything with them such as making a slideshow, print it, sending them to family or use it as your laptop background without worrying they will deteriorate. However, not everyone has a photo scanner and the appropriate skill to do it properly, therefore, why not reach Scan Ur Pics that offer a high-quality photo scanning service in Perth, so you can rest assured that you will get the result in the best possible condition.


Give more attention to the old photos because the precious memories are meant to be preserved for the next generation to see and learn about the history of you and the family. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.