How to Build a Recessed Medicine Cabinet with a Mirror on the Door?

It is a great idea to combine a recessed medicine cabinet with a mirror when considering most bathrooms have limited space for storage and mirrors. Rather than an exterior wall where the cabinet would interfere with the insulation, add the medicine cabinet must be done to an interior wall which you can cut a hole into the wall.

The cabinet than must be setting inside the wall is an easier project than expected. Avoid plumbing and electrical wiring by do it with the right tools and proper planning.

To build a recessed medicine cabinet with a mirror on the door, you must be following the instructions below:


Things you will need:

1-by-4-by-20 inch pine boards (2), 1-by-4-by-15 inch pine boards (2), ½-by-3-by-13 inch plywood sheets (2), ½-by-15-by-20 inch plywood sheet, 15-by-20 inch wood-framed mirror, 2-by-4-by-15 inch pine board, hammer, 2-inch wood nails, 1-inch brad nails, stud finder, square, drywall saw, 4-inch wood screws, cordless drill, ¾-inch piano hinge with screws and screwdriver.

Recessed Medicine Cabinets with picture frame doors! No mirrors!

    1. On two 1-by-4-by-20 inch pine boards, draw two 18-inch length-wise lines with a line 1-inch from each length-wise edge of the boards.
    2. One the 20-inch boards, drill ¼-inch-diameter holes that are 1 inch apart along the two lines.
    3. Take a hammer and 2-inch wood nails then nail a 1-by-4-by-15 inch pine board to the ends of the two 20-inch boards
    4. Take a hammer and 2-inch wood nails again to attach a second 15-inch board to the open ends of the 20-inch boards. This is the frame if the medicine cabinet.
    5. Take 1-inch brad nails then nail a ½-by-15-by-20 inch plywood sheet to one side of the cabinet frame spaded at 1-inch intervals and ½-inch from the edge of the plywood.

How to Build a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

    1. Two studs could be located on the wall where you want to install the medicine cabinet with a stud finder. Take a pencil and mark the studs.
    2. For the medicine cabinet at the studs, draw a 16-by-20 inch rectangle on the wall in the mounting location. Take a drywall saw to cut out the drywall at a 45-degree angle along the rectangle.
    3. Between two studs, a 2-by-4-by-15 should be driven and flushed with the bottom of the drywall hole. Take a cordless drill to use 4-inch wood screws driven at a 45-degree angle.
    4. The medicine cabinet could be inserted into the hole in the drywall then take the cordless drill to drill two 4-inch wood screws into the bottom of the cabinet and two in each side.
Build a Recessed Medicine Cabinet A How to Guide

Build a Recessed Medicine Cabinet A How to Guide

  1. With the screws included in the hinge package and the cordless drill, attach a ¾-inch piano hinge to the back edge of a wood-framed mirror.
  2. A screw hole should be pre-drilled into the front of the framed mirror then screw a cabinet knob into the hole.
  3. With the screws included in the hinge package, screw the piano hinge into the exposed edge of the medicine cabinet’s frame.
  4. Your recessed medicine cabinet with mirror is finished and completed.