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Asian Kitchen Arlington VA

For those who are living in Arlington, Virginia, there is Asian Kitchen Arlington VA restaurant that will definitely be a great place for you to spend your Saturday night dine out with your date or family. Just the name has already explained about the restaurant, the Asian Kitchen mainly offers Asian cuisine, including Chinese and Japanese foods. This restaurant is located on Lee Hwy, Arlington, Virginia, so if you are interested you can straightly visit the location. In this post, you will find information about the Asian Kitchen in Arlington so you better read further if you really want to get to know about this Asian restaurant better.

About the Asian Kitchen Arlington

The Asian Kitchen Arlington is a restaurant that offers various dishes of Asian cuisine. You can get Udon, Teriyaki, Tempura, Sushi and many more in this restaurant. The mission of this restaurant is to serve freshness and high quality foods. Meanwhile, the vision of this restaurant is to establish a value oriented, family friendly and high energy Asian restaurant. The dishes are only from the finest seafood, chickens and steak, cooked by professional Chefs. Furthermore, the best part of this restaurant is that all the dishes are offered in greatly competitive prices. It means that you can get both tasteful dishes and reasonable prices at once. That is definitely going to be a great deal, isn’t it?

Asian Kitchen Arlington-VA Restaurant Menu Reviews

If you are planning on coming to this Asian Kitchen Arlington VA then you need to get to know the opening hours first. This Asian restaurant has different opening hours in a week. On Sunday, the Asian Kitchen Arlington will be open at twelve o’clock in the afternoon and will be closed on ten o’clock in the evening. Meanwhile on Friday and Saturday, this restaurant will be open from eleven o’clock in the afternoon until thirty past ten in the evening. As for Monday until Thursday, the Asian Kitchen will be open on eleven o’clock in the afternoon and closed on ten o’clock in the evening.

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Japanese Cuisine

Indeed, the specialty of this Asian Kitchen is their Japanese cuisine so if you decide to visit this restaurant do not forget to try their Japanese cuisine. One of their popular ones is the Black Dragon, a combination of eel, steam shrimp, Kani, combined with black tobiko, avocado and cucumber as topping. Another popular Japanese food is the Spider King, which is a tempura of lobster, soft shell crabs, tobiko, and cucumber.

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Chinese Foods

Aside from Japanese cuisine, the Asian Kitchen Arlington VA also offers a wide variety of Chinese foods. You can try their Chinese style of Happy Yellowtail, which is a menu of crunchy and spicy yellowtail fish with scallions and also avocado as topping. In addition, you can also try their Three Dynasty that is made from salmon cucumber and tuna yellowtail, which is deep fried, combined with scallion, tobiko and avocado topping. Mostly of the Chinese foods menu is interestingly spicy so it will not make you bored.