Garden Lanterns for Your Home

When nights come, the dark steals the beautiful look of your garden. Your garden will appear creepy and lifeless. Bring the all of life and beautiful back on your garden with add some fantastic outdoor lights. Some people maybe not give attention and ignore about the lights on their outdoor. But, it is really important to avoid from burglar and thieves. If your garden hasn’t enough lighting, it can be easy for thieves to hide. You do not want it happened to you, right?

The solution of your problem is adding outdoor lights on your garden. Nowadays, outdoor lighting is available in a variety of styles and fixtures. But, choose one that unique and extraordinary. How about garden lanterns for your home?  You maybe think that lanterns are use in Halloween night. I’m not talking about Jack O’lanterns, really!

Today, garden lanterns come with many different types, themes, colors, sizes and shapes. So, if you are think the garden lanterns are old – fashioned, you are totally wrong! Gardens lanterns can add beautiful and life for your home. Sometimes, garden lanterns are found on temple or church. That’s mean to add spiritual elements on that place.

What are you waiting for? Garden lanterns are really good ways for your home. Here some each type of lantern, pick one that can be pleased to you.

Garden Lanterns for Your Home: Paper Lanterns

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Paper lanterns are often associated with traditional Asian style. Yeah, that is right, China and Japan are the country that frequently use paper lantern in various event. But, it can also use to decorate your home and garden. It is durable, beautiful and cheap! You can also use different color and light with high or low power to change the bright and color of the surroundings.

Garden Lanterns for Your Home: String Lanterns

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These lanterns are perfect for Christmas event. People usually use small string lanterns in doorways or Christmas trees. And use large string lanterns to decorating garden. String lanterns usually made from paper or other materials.

Garden lanterns also have a different manner for working. Here are some different ways of garden lantern works.

Garden Lanterns for Your Home: Candles Lantern

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Candles are usually use for power source of the garden lanterns. It usually placed inside glass. Design of these garden lanterns are usually in tall and free-standing lantern. But, today you can find the small votive of candles lantern design. For different brightness of the candle lanterns, choose different style, color and shape of the glass. Make sure you protection the candle from the elements and wind.

Garden Lantern for Your Home: Solar Lantern

The best way for save much energy is use solar lantern. It can store the power of sunlight on the day and change it become electric energy on the night. The length of the solar lanterns is depending on size, capabilities and quality of the cell and panel.

Garden Lantern for Your Home: Electric Lantern

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This is the mostly power source used in today. It is often have on or off button or set with timers. It is also often used to light buildings or large public gardens.

Make sure you properly positioned and installed. Garden lanterns usually placed in entries, edges or along walkways. Get wonderful look on your garden in evening with add garden lantern. Have fun!