Fresh Options in Bathroom Flooring

An ideal bathroom is a place where you can maintain yourself on it. Clean, neat and fragrant bathroom is the most dream of homeowner. But, bathroom is easily to dirt and stink. That’s it because the mold and mildew can quickly grow in humid and wet area like a bathroom. So, homeowner must be clean it regularly and put bathroom deodorizer to avoid bad odor on bathroom.

The important things on the bathroom are comfort and safety. You can get comfort in the selection of bathroom vanity and accessories. And you also must think about safety on your bathroom. Make sure you choose the proper bathroom flooring options, to prevent the bad accident because slippery floor.

Bathroom flooring also can change feel and looks of a bathroom. If your bathroom flooring has yellowed with age, it is time to replace it. Get fresh look with replaced outdated and worn flooring with new one. That is can be the great idea to change overall look of your bathroom.

Non-Slip Bathroom Flooring

Make sure you choose the best bathroom flooring options. An ideal bathroom flooring is durable for a long time, resistant from any damage because heavy traffic and water, and not slippery. If you are looking ideal bathroom flooring, the first step is to update about several bathroom flooring options.

Here are several bathroom flooring options you must to consider before replace your old flooring.

Bathroom Flooring Options: Tile

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Tile is the most popular bathroom flooring. It comes in wide range of sizes, shapes, patterns, colors, materials and designs. There are some different materials of tile bathroom flooring:

    1. Glass Tile. If you are want to create clean and elegant look on bathroom, glass tile is the perfect option. Nowadays, glass tile is the most popular of tile bathroom flooring. In the marketplace, glass tile is exploded! Many homeowners want to get it. Glass tile flooring is resistant to damage from temperature changes, moisture and water. It is also easy to maintain, use glass cleaner you use on your window to clean the glass tile flooring. But, it can be slippery while tiles are not prone to break.

Bathroom Flooring Pictures

  1. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles. These tiles are generally made from a mixture of water and clay. The advantages of these tiles are excellent against moisture and durable. But, these tiles are easy to dirt, hardness and cold under foot.
  2. Recycled Tile. Nowadays, with the progress of time. Some people are realized to use recycled items such as recycled tile as a participant to save earth. This tile is made from 100 percent recycled glass, granite or marble.

Bathroom Flooring Options: Carpet

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Carpeting is the perfect flooring to have plush flooring on your bathroom. It is durable, warm under foot, and easy to maintain. You must regularly remove, cleaned and dried it. Prevent mildew, staining and mold with use moisture – resistant padding underneath the carpet flooring. Put bath mats on the shower or tub to catch excess water.

Whatever you choose, bathroom flooring must to fits with your personal taste. The key factor for a bathroom is moisture. So, take into mind the advantages and disadvantage characteristics of bathroom flooring. Good luck!