How to Effectively Dispose Of Your Office Waste

It has become a common habit to recycle our waste at home for many years now, but the workplace is where real change is happening when it comes to sustainable waste management. Skip bin hire in Perth is the answer for your business and residential waste disposal needs.

There are enormous opportunities to create better efficiencies which is not only important for the environment but the growth of your business. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to choose brands that are transparent about their sustainability operations in the modern world, so not being eco-friendly can impact your bottom line in a big way.

The good news is that there are many simple ways you can recycle your office waste including through cheap skip bins in Perth. This article will provide a guide to getting started.

Where To Get Started With Waste Management in the Office

It can be challenging from the outset to think about waste management as there is so much going on in the office already. But there are simple steps you can take that will make an enormous difference including:

Create a waste audit: The first step is to get the data and understand how much waste you are producing and where it is going. Annual waste audits will then show the improvements you have been making.

Compost organic waste: Having a compost bin on site makes it easy for food scraps and lawn clippings to be dumped and re-used, helping keep the gardens around your office looking beautiful and making your business look more attractive from the outside.

Minimise packaging: There is a lot of unnecessary paper, plastic and cardboard used in packaging. Eliminate what you can, encourage walk-in customers to provide their own bag and use recycled products for all necessary packaging.

Go paperless: The transition to the paper-free office has been a movement in place for some time. There is often no need for excess printing with cloud services allowing for collaboration and document sharing without printed copies.

Have a dedicated e-waste service: Electronic waste can be a major problem for the environment, especially batteries that bleed toxic chemicals and printers that also use materials harmful to the environment. Have a dedicated e-waste bin and collection service so that the bulk can be recycled and the harmful materials can be disposed of safely.

Use Skip Bin Hire Services to Manage Office Waste

One of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to improve your office waste disposal management is to have a skip bin on-site. This provides an easy way for workers to dispose of rubbish and with 1300 Skip Bin Hire you can be assured that the majority will reach recycling centres and not landfill sites. Contact us to find out how affordable and efficient this skip bin hire service can be for your office.