Common Causes of Water Damage Ceiling

You may wonder how water leakage can damage your ceiling easily. The answer is, it is not that easy. It takes time to make your ceiling damage symptoms appear and seen by your eyes. An infinite number of issues and reasons can cause a water damage ceiling. There can be one issue at first, but as time goes by, it will pile up and incorporate to damage your ceiling if you just let it be.

It always happens when we do not realize how pivotal a regular inspection is. House is a place where we relax our body and mind, not otherwise. That is why we need to be aware of every possible problem that can intrigue our rest time. Once you ignore small damage, it will secretly develop into a bigger one and bother you later like a time bomb. You sure do not want to spend all your saving at one time, opt for a regular inspection to avoid the expensive service cost.

Anytime is the best time to take care of the house. Thus, in this article, we will take a closer look at some common causes of water damage ceiling.When you have found the issues, you can check it first and prevent the damage to become worse. If you are clueless of how to fix it, consider calling the professional ceiling repairs to get a proper repair.

Here are some common causes of water damage ceiling

The Roof Age

Roof age is the main undeniable factor which can cause leakage to the roof. It may look simple, but the roofing component can worsen due to continual use. You need to be aware of the life expectancy of the roof for the sake of your family’s safety. Better to prevent a bigger problem occurs. If you are still unsure of your roof life expectancy, you may call the professional for a roof inspection also to figure out the best solution upon your problem.

The Chimney

Every pipe that runs from your house through your roof can cause water leakage. Chimney, vent pipes, fan ducts or any other similar plumbing needs a professional seal and protection to make it waterproof. Even though you have sealed and protected all plumbing, you need to do a regular inspection to make sure the plumbing condition.

The Skylight 

The skylight is working by adding natural lights to the inner part of the house, suitable for dark rooms in the house like the attic. It makes the room feels airy and spacious. However, it can interrupt the function of the roof if the installation was improper. Water can easily strain from the edges of the skylight, especially if the roof is tip top shaped.

The Plumbing

Just like the chimney, another type of plumbing that runs in the house with water drain has potential leakage. Seal it properly to avoid water leakage. Other than the damaged ceiling, water leakage inside the home also can cause a harmful effect such as damaging the electrical components. It is very dangerous, that is why you should call the professional once you think you can not solve the issue.

Stuffed Gutters

The gutter has a crucial job in maintaining the house water protection system. When the roof has done the part to make the water flowing downward, the gutter needs to transfer all water safely to the ground, not otherwise. A clogged and stuffed gutter can lead to water leakage as the water has nowhere to go except your house. Clean the gutter regularly to prevent the water get into your home when it is raining.


Water leakage can cause various damages to your house, do a regular inspection and clean up to prevent it all happen. Assure your family’s safety by keeping your home in a well-maintained condition. Consider contacting the home ceiling repair professional once you see a symptom of the damaged ceiling.