CNC Router Aluminium Cutting Easy Tips

People often ask whether CNC routing can cut aluminium. They’re used to seeing them primarily cut wood and plastics. Our answer to this question is always, Yes, CNC routing can cut aluminium if you do it right. We’re going to tell you exactly how to cut aluminium with your CNC Router with these easy tips.

Once you know the secrets, you’ll find machining aluminium with a CNC router machine is not only easy but very productive. Using a CNC router machine for aluminium parts can be a very successful pursuit with a little care and preparation.

Don’t Be in a Hurry

CNC routers can cut aluminium, but they aren’t the best tool for cutting out big aerospace parts like wing spars. Slowing things down will be the price of success. We don’t mean to physically slow down your feed rates and speeds, but your overall material removal rates will be lower than what you could achieve with a purpose-built CNC mill. Just relax and let it work for you. In any case, a good-sized CNC Router can fit a lot more material on its table than most CNC mills. Just load it up, click the green button, and walk away.

Use The Right Features

Working with aluminium may push the limits of your ability and your CNC router in Perth, so ensuring this process is done correctly is vital. Using a feeds and speeds calculator will help you get the process done with precision. This calculator will help you work out imperative information like the minimum rpm setting (and whether that is possible with your machine), the router cutter types required, tools to avoid excessive deflection and chip thinning compensation. 

Cut With Smaller Diameter Cutters

Another option is to use cutters with smaller diameters. Don’t use 1/2″ endmills.  The drop should be no more than 1/4 inch. With smaller diameters, you need a more rigid cutter so that tool deflection doesn’t become an issue. This is one more reason to choose carbide over HSS.

Clear Chips With Extreme Caution

This cannot be overstated, especially when the material has a tendency to bond with the cutter.

We see more cutters broken when recutting chips than most other things. Be extra cautious when clearing the chips. If you have not personally verified that it can remove chips from even the deepest cuts, don’t rely on a nearby vacuum dust collection system.

Feed Rate Shouldn’t Be Slowed Down Too Much

Your tool will rub rather than cut if your feed rate is too slow. The spindle of a CNC Router is moving so fast that it poses a much greater risk than that of a mill. With RPMs that high, you need to keep the cutter moving efficiently in order to maintain recommended chip loads.

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