When your bathroom has changed a lot, especially the bathtub color that has already been worn and discolored, your thought must be filled with how to replace it with the new one, how much the new bathtub is, and whether the new bathtub will be expensive and it can drain your budget. Well, rather than […]

Home improvement, especially house renovation will not be complete if your bathroom is not touched at all to be renovated. Bathroom is one of important rooms offering a comfort and relaxation for every homeowner. A clean and beautiful bathroom are always expected by homeowners because when you have a great and beautiful bathroom, it will […]

Due to the fact that home improvement project, especially kitchen and bathroom improvement, will be able to drain your budget because they are regarded as the most expensive rooms to be remodeled so bathroom renovation cost should be considered and even estimated well so that your budget can be spent to pay that you really […]

  Your bathroom and the fixtures inside it go through a lot of tear and wear due to its heavy use and near-constant exposure to moisture, which can make the bathroom look shabby and worn out while potentially causing problems with water damage from leaking fixture. A fresh, new bathroom is provided by a well-executed […]

  When you have a small bathroom in your home, you might be confused how to make it feel larger and make it feel like a part of the home. However, a small bathroom sometimes needs a little updating to make it happen. In comparison to a master bathroom, small bathrooms are less expensive to […]