You have probably found that a bathroom cabinet and sink combination is not the best vanity for the room if you have a small bathroom in your home. Although convenient for storage, the cabinets are simply taking up too much space. So the perfect choice for a small bathroom is a pedestal sink. If you […]

A Bathroom Renovation Idea Your bathroom and the fixtures inside it go through a lot of tear and wear due to its heavy use and near-constant exposure to moisture, which can make the bathroom look shabby and worn out while potentially causing problems with water damage from leaking fixture. A fresh, new bathroom is provided […]

How to Decorate Bathrooms with Towel Bars Bathrooms are the most important are that can reflect your personality. That’s maybe heard ridiculous, but that’s really true. In fact, if your bathroom is always clean and neat, that reflected you are the well – organized and hygienist person. Otherwise, if your bathroom is stinky and dirty, […]

Bathtub Refinishing Review One of fun activities in a bathroom is bathing. Why? Because you can relax and calm your mind after your long day after working and your body can be rested and cleansed at the same time when you are bathing. Perhaps, your mood can change easily and the color of your bathtub […]

Bathroom Remodeling Cost Some people may get excited when they talk about their plans to remodel their bathrooms because they will think of the design of the bathroom, the paint colors that will be painted to the walls, and also the new furniture and ornaments for making their bathrooms more enjoyable, beautiful and attractive. However, […]